WESTAKE - Shared Masternodes

  • Hello to all fans of cryptocurrency and Blockchain!

    Today, we decided with my passionate team to offer our Shared Masternodes project : WESTAKE

    We have long wanted to invest in a Masternode. It was for us an interesting form of passive income, we wanted to diversify our invest, and it was also a good way to be more active in the crypto-world. Our bigger problem was, that was often reserved to rich people. We started by looking for a user friendly platform to do it by them, but nothing was enough good for us. That's basically why our  project is based on the shared Masternodes system. The principle is simple: Instead of investing alone in a Masternode, you participate in it with other investors. On the one hand, it allows you to define the amount you want. But this system gives you the choice between a few Masternodes. For example, a Masternode Dash costs approximately $ 100,000. You can invest the amount you want in a quality Masternode. Of course, the rewards you earn on the latter are proportional to the amount invested.

    To understand the system, here is our video presentation :

    What do we bring more than another shared Masternode service ?

    • User-friendly and understandable platform
    • Absolute security. Know more here
    • We are growing with your trust and our transparency
    • A clear dashboard
    • Serious work on the coins integrated. Know more here
    • A real communication to continually follow our updates
    • Constant upgrades

    Below, all links to see more clearly :

    Westake is making your coins work for you !

  • I like the introduction, and the project looks promising! Good to see You have such big coins like Dash and ZCoin! Welcome on board! 
    @kelnel  if You check this project, they offer Dash as well.

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