MCPC - Meet The Coin You Will Spend More Than Trade

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    Blockchain is now gaining mass adoption because a lot of people are already realizing its immene value and use. From keeping records to integration in medicine and on gaming sites and even powering decentralized applications. Blockchain is here to stay. The only question is how fast we can replace the regular fiat way of doing things. And that's where MCPC comes in.


    MCPC is a payment platform and marketplace that is utilized on top of blockchain technology to provide an avenue for anybody to issue or receive cryptocurrency. The tagline is literally "a coin that you will spend more than trade". This is because the coin is designed to usurp and replace a lot of transactions that only fiat can perform in daily life.


    ● Mobile data prepaid cards
    You will be able to subscribe for data on your phone or pc with the mcpc coin. No need to log into your banking app or use cash. It's just a blockchain transacion away.
    ● Mobile phone prepaid cards
    Making calls and texts will be infinitively easier with mcpc. Running a node especially, which keeps producing coins will allow you to have an unlimited source of credits on your phone. Whenever you're running low, just think mcpc.
    ● Warranty policies for hardware
    This is a guarantee that no other crypto platform can give. The MCPC warranty policy ensures that you are safely insured from any malfunctioned equipment from the platform delivered to you.
    ● Mobile accessories sales
    Screen guards, earphones, chargers and other mobile accessories can be bought using MCPC! We all know how annoying the low lifespan an ordinary earphone can get you. But with an MCPC node, it is earphone galore everytime and anytime.
    ● Private transactions between vendors and you!
    A very important feature of the blockchain is its privacy. You can make and receive payments anonymously, between vendor and buyer!
    ● Debit cards
    MCPC plans to implement Debit Cards into the platform. You will be able to use MCPC debit cards to pay for goods and services anywhere there i an ATM or POS machine.

    Other Features Include:

    MCPC Internal Webshop

    This is an online shop powered by the MCPC blockchain that will allow users to buy using MCPC coins. Products for sale will include:

    ● Phone cards, codes for data/minutes or top-ups and accessories.
    ● Initial carriers will include but not be limited to Vodafone, Tele2, and T-Mobile.
    ● Accessories suppliers to be announced upon Marketplace release, possibly sooner.
    ● Tools for you to exchange your cryptocurrency to fiat and back

    MCPC Public Market Place

    This one involves every seller on the platform submitting to a KYD process to avoid fraudulent activities.

    ● There will be an unbiased escrow component to assist in the control of all transactions.
    ● An outside web source (merchant) will be able to embed their weblink into MCPC website and then
    their product will be showcased on the webstore.
    ● Customers can create their own webstore, then basically sell their own product or re-brand
    MCPC product lines as their own.
    ● Additionally, there will be opportunities for all sellers as well as buyers to participate in an
    affiliate system and mainly community through the community portal.

    What more can you ask for in terms of blockchain integration with the market place????


    Affiliate And Partnership System

    Partners will create content, manage it and upload product
    ● Affiliates will promote this.
    ● Once a sale is complete, our escrow service will pay both parties their percentage.
    ● Lastly, when either party would like to withdraw their crypto into fiat currency, they can
    exchange it in various ways.
    ● Much more to come.

    Pre-Sale Is Live!

    I can only tell you what MCPC is all about but its meaningless if you don't have any. Either staking or Masternode , get some MCPC today!

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    Always remember to DYOR!

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