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    We live in a time with daily inventions, technological breakthroughs, and innovations. We became accustomed to the internet, mobile communication, non-cash payments, and digital assistants. Blockchain technology has become a new era in the development of information and financial technologies. Over the past few years, it has brought significant changes to the international financial sector and has shown that decentralization is our future.
    What is the idea of our project? We are planning to expand and promote cases of Blockchain actual use, simplify it for private users and business with the help of our solutions.

     Our main goals are:
          - Anonymous sending money p2p with a minimal fee (or 0% fee).
          - Anonymous easy and secure transfer of Fiat money into the cryptocurrency world.
          - Fast and easy convert cryptocurrencies and withdraw to Fiat accounts, PayCore cards, and third-party Bank cards in one interface.
          - Control and manage your cryptocurrency accounts in one interface. Instant exchange, deposit and withdraw in one interface 
                without complicated use of third-party services and exchanges.
          - Payment gateway integration into the business to accept payments in cryptocurrencies and fiat money, make payments and
                maintain accounts.














  • looks interesting

  • Paycore!!!🚀

  • paycore, keep it up! a very very worthy team, with a cool project. You will succeed!!!

  • PayCore, what are you doing on the stock exchange, price, confidence .... well done .. have not seen a decent coin for a long time👍

  • Starting with ico, Paycore makes us believe in ourselves. Good luck to the team. I think this is a successful good project.

  • The investment is justified, the paycore team is cool. forward to the moon.

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