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    This is my first article about an Etherum token so you should know already that its pretty special. In a world where usecase is King and adoption is key, a cryptocurrency platform that has both is life. 


    NFXCoin ("NFXC") is a crypto or token created on the Ethereum platform to boost all services that will be provided on the NFX TRADER platform. It is an etherum token that will be used on the NFX exchange. Users that have NFX coin will receive 50% of discount in all fees on the platftorm.
    # Why NFX?

    The Big Q. Why should you buy NFX tokens over any other exchange coin? This is because NFX coin or NFXC as it is popularly called, has a lot of amazing features that will sustain its viability for a very long time.

    1. Slashed Fees

    This is a huge bonus for traders, especially when your trading involves moving back and forth a lot. The NFX trading platform will allow holders of 2000 and above NFX coins to perform transactions on the platform at 50% of transaction fees. This can be very significant in savings especially when you perform huge volumes of transactions daily. Not only for fees, as long as you have 2000 and above NFXC, any service provided by the NFXC platform will be charged at half price to you. This is to incentivize holders to keep holding and will go a long way to reduce to circulating supply of NFXC. Amazing!

    2. Elimination of Intermediary
    Both the buyer and seller will be able to trade among themselves instantaneously without a third party to interfere. This will allow for faster deposits and withdrawals as well as trades. Seasoned traders know that even as little as 10 seconds can spell the difference be profit and rekt.

    3. Payment Methods

    You will able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for FIAT on NFX exchange easilywith the use of integrated payment solutions like neteller, skrill and a host of others. Traders can now easily sell their cryptocurrencies and receive cash in their bank account.

    4. Different Trading Choices

    There will be over 100 coins to choose from on the NFX exchange for trading, including but not limited to bitcoin, etherum, and even NFXC.

    5. Regular Audits

    To maintain transaparency and sustain trusts with users, the NFX platform will subject itself to periodic audits by an independent third party platform. This is just to ensure things a re going smoothly as they should and no discrepancies anywhere.

    Other features can be found in their whitepaper [here](

    # Partnership
    NFXC has also made a partnership with the BITSTARTER exchange. This partnership is the first in a long line of cooperation between other reputable organisations and NFXC to make the NFXC platform an amazing one.

    # Coin Specs

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