[ANN][XTP] TRUSTplus [X16S][PoW][MN]

  • TRUSTplus version one will sunset on Bittrex 10/26/2018.

    It was not a unique coin. It was a professionally cloned Hackcoin. Our team cared for TRUST that lasted for four years and four months on Bittrex but could not withstand the Bear market of 2018. Keeping cash reserves for marketing during slow volumes will be considered going forward. We respected Bittrex rules by not creating fake volume.

    Our developers assisted developing such concepts as the Recycler, AutoTrans, Mixer, Tokens, Sidechains, and Masternodes. We do not have programmers but rather, problem solvers. We spread cryptocurrency ideas to be completed by the talented programmers of crypto. The programmers present their projects, and their communities grow. We prefer to hire out services for requested products. But now, we can apply what we have learned to our brand.

    We will continue to invest in coins that have a future. When the proper time comes, we take a mild dividend to fund the next project. This Mining, Minting, Master Nodes, and Market Making the last four years will not be available to the public. This unique safety net puts our coin in the category as a “Hedge.” This word creates a whole new slew of definitions that could jeopardize TrustPlus future. We will have to stay true to utility and stop publically hedging. Our new Blockchain is the next project, and all resources will be used to create something worth believing in again.

    Using our upgraded blockchain, we will all be able to safely use our coins to transport messages or sell coins for transportation. We will be using Masternodes, PoS, and PoW to process blocks. Our BitCram project has been put on hold, possibly permanently. We will apply code we created to launch an exchange market of coins and mining hash on TrustPlus Version Two - XTP. So far, the market code is centralized on application servers using many different blockchains to pass messages. We will start testing decentralizing it using our Blockchain Nodes.

    Due to the surprise timing of our delisting. We would ask that people create paper wallets for TRUST version 1 or create a TRUST node. We will facilitate a one-to-one swap once we have reviewed the new blockchain's stability since it will be on a new Algo. If you need help, please ask. We would be more than happy to figure out something.

    The replacement for TRUST version 1 is now publicly tentatively scheduled for replacement January 1st. Will try to have a section on our site trustplus.com to swap TPv1 for XTP. Once we have a working XTP Blockchain, we will fork TRUST version 1 to increase the block times to 15 minutes. We will keep tabs on coins destroyed and make sure we are PoS hashing 51% to prevent any 51% attack.

    We created new announcement posts for each board we are currently on. We will continue to use the same Social Media accounts.

    We still have assets to help us continue this project/brand. 
    Trust is Built.


    Telegram ANN - >> https://t.me/trustplus 
    Telegram Group - >> https://t.me/joinchat/JgqVGA87pgWqdfQDZCg6yA
    Discord - >> https://discord.gg/VMCER8v

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