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  • BTC World Crypto Forum(WCF)BTC

    The World Crypto Forum Coin (WCF)  is a Proof Of Stake/Masternode based cryptocurrency. Our main aim is to create a platform similar to Bitcointalk and we will use blockchain to keep all the data secure and safe. The WCF Coin will be used as means of payment in our upcoming platform. 



    The World Crypto Forum Coin(WCF) is a well-decentralized network of Masternodes without superfluous control and intermediaries/gatekeepers with more than 90% of the MN Block reward and 10% of the POS Block reward. It also offers lower transaction fees, faster confirmations and limited supply for a faster increase in value. The Masternodes are constantly connected to the network & perform certain tasks, this allows the transaction get more and faster confirmations. Masternodes are full nodes which run 24/7 and require collateral of 1,000-100,000 WCF Coins. In exchange for providing this service and locking up the coins which effectively reduce supply, the Masternode owner is rewarded a portion of the block rewards. The portion of the block rewards earned is variable which increases over the period. 


    InstantX function allows you to send funds which will gain 5 masternode-level confirmations within seconds from the network, then within an average of 1.25 minutes a 6th block-level confirmation will make funds spendable on most of the platforms. 


    Coin Name: World Crypto Forum Coin
    Algo: X11
    Ticker: WCF
    Coin Type: Pos/Masternodes
    Maximum Supply: 100,000,000 
    Pre-mine: 1.5%
    Block Time: 60 Seconds
    Minimum Stake Age: 3 Hours
    MasterNode Collateral: 1000-1000k WCF Coins
    Port: 11005

    ◆BLOCK  HEIGHT◆  POS(%)◆  MN(%)  ◆ Block Reward◆  POS Reward◆  MN  Reward◆  MN Collateral
    ◆52,700- 56,0001090141.412.61000
    ◆56,001- 60,000        1090707633000
    ◆60,001- 67,000         1090808723000
    ◆67,001- 76,000           1090909813000
    ◆76,001- 83,000          109010010905000
    ◆83,001- 90,000         109011011995000
    ◆90,001- 100,000          1090120121087500
    ◆100,001- 110,000        1090130131177500
    ◆110,001- 120,000          10901501513510000
    ◆120,001- 130,000          10901601614410000
    ◆130,001- 140,000          10903003027015000
    ◆140,001- 150,000          10903203228815000
    ◆140,001- 150,000          10903203228830000
    ◆150,001- 160,000          10903103127930000
    ◆160,001- 170,000 10903003027045000
    ◆170,001- 180,000  10902502522545000
    ◆180,001- 200,00010902002018045000
    ◆200,001- 500,00010901001090100000
    ◆1500,001- 1,306,971            109050545100000

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    WCF Price Montoring 

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    Ann Thread Translations 



    Required Collateral ranges from : 1,000-100,000 WCF Coins

    Masternode Statistics

     Masternodes Online      MNCN     [  MN ROI    

    Masternode Setup Guide

    Linux Masternode Setup 





    Cryptobridge ] 

    One Click Masternode Setup


    Instant and Shared Masternodes

    CryptoShank   ] Simple Pos Pool(SPP) Snode   ] Gentarium ] StakingLab   ] 


    Stage 1 (November-December 2018)

    ◆World Crypto Forum Coin Blockchanin Launch
    ◆World Crypto Forum Coin Wallet Release
    ◆Official Website Release
    ◆Main Explorer Release
    ◆Presale Open(1st, 2nd, 3rd)
    ◆Listing Tier-1 Exchange(Cryptobridge or STEX)
    ◆Listing Masternode.online
    ◆Release Whitepaper
    ◆Release Official Wallet(Win, Mac, Linux)

    Stage 2 (January-March 2019)

    ◆Listing on More Statistics Site
    ◆Listing on Tier-2 Exchange(Coinexchange or Cryptopia or Yobit)
    ◆Agreement on Shared Masternode Program
    ◆Marketing & Bounty Campaign
    ◆Register Community Support bot
    ◆Listing on More Pair Exchange(ETH/DOGE)
    ◆Website Improvement
    ◆More Partnership Announcements

    Stage 3 (April-June 2019)

    ◆Development World Crypto Forum Official Site
    ◆Voting on Community System
    ◆Extend Marketing & Bounty Campaign
    ◆World Crypto Forum Website Test
    ◆Launch Official World Crypto Forum Website
    ◆Integration WCF Coin & WCF Site
    ◆Release Mobile Wallet
    ◆Release Web Wallet
    ◆Listing on USDT Exchange

    Stage 4 (July-December 2019)

    ◆Promotion World Crypto Forum Official Site
    ◆Reward Program for investord
    ◆Announcements of WCF website Operating Program
    ◆Launch World Crypto Forum Application
    ◆WCF Partnership Announcement
    ◆Listing on Tier-3 Exchange(Kucoin or Bittrex or Binance)

    Airdrop and Bounties

    Bitcointalk Translation Bounty

    In order to participate in the WCF Translation Bounty please fill up the form:

    [/left] Bitcointalk Translation Bounty Registration Form

    Some rules have to be respected in order to get rewarded for your work!

    You should have a minimum of 5 translation records in your language.
    One person is allowed to do only one translation.
    Before filling up the form please check the spreadsheet that which languages have been reserved.
    After filling up the form each participant will have 3 days max to complete the translation.

    The link to the spreadsheet: Translation Bounty Spreadsheet

    Discord Invite Bounty

    Invite Bounty(1 Invite = 0.25 WCF Coin + Extra Rewards)

    Starting from Tuesday  1st January, you can earn WCF Coin by participating in Invite Bounty

    Promote WCF Coin and get paid in WCF Coin!

    To take part in the bounty fill out the registration form:

    WCF Discord Invite Bounty Registration Form

    Some rules have to be respected in order to get rewarded for your work!

    Fake inviters will be disqualified.
    If your fake invite count is more than 20% of your total invited members. Then you will be disqualified.
     Make sure your invitational link is permanent.
    Participants needs 45 minimum invites in order to participate and rewarded.
    The top 10 inviters will be paid with extra rewards.
    Invited user account's age should be more than 6 months.
    If multiple invited user's account creation date is the same then it will not be counted.


    Bounty Lasts 1.01.2019 12:00 UTC – 17.01.2019 12:00 UTC
    Rewards paid until 22.01.2019 20:00 UTC

    Extra Rewards

    ◆1st     Place:     300 WCF
    ◆2nd    Place:     225 WCF
    ◆3rd     Place:     175 WCF 
    ◆4th     Place:     150 WCF
    ◆5th     Place:     125 WCF
    ◆6th     Place:     100 WCF
    ◆7th     Place:     90 WCF
    ◆8th     Place:     75 WCF
    ◆9th     Place:     65 WCF
    ◆10-15 Place:     50 WCF

    Table of Participants: Invite Bounty Spreadsheet

    Note: We will verify the invites manually and remove the cheaters. The rules can be changed if required and it will be announced first!

    Twitter Bounty

    Twitter Bounty (Rewards for accounts with 100+ followers)

    Starting from Friday 4th January, you can earn WCF Coins by participating in Twitter Bounty

    Promote World Crypto Forum and earn WCF

    To take part in the bounty fill out the registration form: Twitter Bounty

    Some rules have to be respected in order to get rewarded for your work!

    Follow us on Twitter. 
    Join our Telegram
    Like and retweet
    Tweet something meaningful in your twitter with these  #masternodes #pos #crypto #forum #bitcoin #btc $WCF $BTC #blockchain
    Your Twitter account be atleast 1 year old
    Each and every participant's twitter account will be verified by Twitter Audit
    Your audit score should be above 80% below this you are not qualified


    Bounty Lasts 4.01.2019 12:00 UTC – 18.01.2019 12:00 UTC
    Rewards paid until 22.01.2019 20:00 UTC


      100  -    299 followers:   3 WCF Coins
      300  -    499 followers:   5 WCF Coins
      500  -    999 followers:   8 WCF Coins
    1000  -  1999 followers: 12 WCF Coins
    2000  -  3999 followers: 15 WCF Coins
    4000  -  6999 followers: 19 WCF Coins 
    7000  -14999 followers: 25 WCF Coins 
    15000-19999 followers: 29 WCF Coins 
    20000-30000 followers: 35 WCF Coins 

    Note: Only the first 250 participants will receive the rewards. 

    Table of participants Twitter Bounty Spreadsheet

  • WorldCryptoForum Coin has been listed on CryptoHashTank POS/MN Service

    - Low minimum deposit
    - Daily Payouts 
    - Auto-Reinvestment available
    - 4% Commission
    - Secure Logins
    - 24 hr active admins

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