I used WHOIS Search to look up every masternode on Masternodes Pro and was shocked at what I found. Take a look at what I found, I hope it isn't substantial.

  • There were two sources that had pumped out 37 of the 64 coins listed on masternodes.pro: 

    The Panama address accounted for 24 of the listings. In addition, they also appear to own masternodes.pro itself. After researching the address, I found that it's been involved in countless online scams, including a Google Docs phishing campaign, e-mail hacking, hosting scam/fake retail domains, impersonating oil companies, plagiarizing white papers of other cryptocurrencies, and I even stumbled across a PDF of a legal accusation, identifying them as BLOOM FARMS and serving them for repeatedly providing cannabis containing harmful chemicals to the state of California. The coins were:

    • Agni Coin
    • 1m Coin
    • Bu-Go Coin
    • Polis Pay
    • Getamero
    • Have Coin
    • Tokugawa Coin
    • Gainer Coin
    • Galactrum Coin
    • Star Cash
    • Go Byte
    • Harvest Coin
    • Amsterdam Coin
    • Chain Coin
    • Exclusive Coin
    • Coin on ATX
    • Credits
    • Sib Coin
    • Nihilo Coin
    • NYX Coin
    • V Pay
    • Solaris
    • Bit Cloud
    • V Sync

    The Arizona address accounted for 13 listings. It has a front as Star Hyper, LLC, a self-acclaimed web development hub in Scottsdale. The website links to a Cairo, Egypt Marketplace. The top of the website says Bashayer Market. Looking this up brought me to the domain Bashayer Hyper, which is a carbon copy of Star Hyper's website. In addition, their page on one business-profile site actually claims Scarlett Johansson is their Assistant Manager.  One site claims the owner is Adam Samaj who actually lives in Texas and owns two other LLCs. Crazy rabbit-hole... Point is, seems like a front to me. The coins are:

    • TX Project
    • Terracoin 
    • Interzone
    • Synx Project
    • Graft
    • Force Coin
    • MUN Coin
    • Digi Money
    • Argo Cash
    • Monetary Unit
    • Neutron Coin
    • Phil's Currency
    • Ganja Coin Pro

    Don't know how legitimate this info is. But I wanted to get it out there for you guys to decide. Something smells fishy and I think it's because we're standing on a pile of rotten fish. Might be the Cairo Market though.

  • FYI: the address (panama) is of WHOISGUARD, a whois protection layer

  • @otpyrc Thanks for the clarification! 

  • Was just checking if Agni is scam or not since info is limited. another to add into scam shelf it seems.

  • 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260 is "Domains By Proxy" Which is used by Godaddy and Wild West Domains. To provide Whois Protection.

  • Exactly - Scottsdale, AZ is actually where Godaddy has their main location. I wouldn't be alarmed by this, as Godaddy is one of the largest domain providers on the web and I'm sure many projects have used them to purchase their domain. Additionally, I wouldn't be surprised if most of the projects have Domain Protection to hide the contact/registrant information from the public due to the nature of the industry.

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