[ANN][BASE] SparkBase.io | the Most Efficient Portfolio Manager Simplifying Data-Driven Investing


    SparkBase (BASE) is a PoS/Masternode based cryptocurrency. 
    We offer investors a high & stable ROI by controlling and rationing masternodes & staking.

    Join our growing community at https://discord.gg/4Vvvbbg.

    Reliable Data & Tools for Every CryptoCurrency Trader at www.SparkBase.io

    In short, we’re a Swiss startup from Crypto Valley in the pursuit of building a data-driven work space for all 
    cryptocurrency investors. We aim to provide useful, reliable and unique data on our platform for smarter 
    trading decision-making, thus more successful portfolio growth.

    We want to help the common person make the leap from simply speculating (and painfully cutting losses later on) 
    to investing on the basis of accurate indicators. While we’re in the clear that nobody can foretell the future or 
    predict every event, we’re confident investing based on sensible information will yield much better results.

    Beginning our journey with the simple question: “Can the inefficiency of the cryptocurrency market be 
    exploited to generate abnormal profits?” 
    intentionally phrased as an attention-getter, we thought of 
    possible ways to respond with a big “YES!” for all our users. Take a look & sign up for updates.

  • Dear masternoders, stakers & hodlers,
    dear cryptocurrency enthusiasts,

    our early investors presale of BASE is LIVE, we're offering a limited 21 Masternodes with a high
    & consistent ROI within the next 2 weeks
    . We're looking to become tradable within 3-6 months.

    With the presale preparation complete all our efforts are going towards the platform's further development.
    In line with our roadmap we're going to have previews, then a workable prototype sooner than expected.
    The beta version of the platform will go live in Q4 2019. All Masternode runners will have free access to
    advanced functions for a year.

    With the proceeds we'd like to hire two more programmers (frontend & backend), cover maintenance
    costs & strategic advertising as we are currently an entirely self-funded operation.

    Best regards from Crypto Valley,
    the SparkBase Team


  • Presale closes tomorrow, Feb 10th at 20:00 GMT. 

    For those interested in being among the first masternode owners we're offering a one-time 
    deal of adding 2 staking packages (2 x 250 BASE) on top of your masternode purchase. 
    Capitalize on the last 3 masternodes left. High ROI & Stability.

    Refer to the ROI calculator for your rewards at www.sparkbase.io/pre-sale.

    We've overhauled the wallet GUI to be SparkBase-conform, intuitive & simple. 
    5'001 BASE means you're a few easy steps away from running your own masternode.

    SparkBase will be the most effective Portfolio Manager yet based on its own data lake. 
    Learn more at How to Find the True Pearls At the Cryptocurrency Markets?

    EDIT: Early Investor Presale is closed. Thank you to all who participated. 
    We currently have 23 active masternodes & will be shutting down 2 corporate 
    MNs soon to keep the ROI high & stable. The SparkBase network is scaling up.

  • The early investor's presale lasted from 26th of January to February 10th (2 weeks) with 21 available masternodes.
    Run by the community. Remember, we're not a conventional ICO and this is the only way to acquire BASE before exchange listing.

    The main presale went LIVE yesterday 16.02.19 until 17.03.2019 (4 weeks) with 42 available masternodes
    which may be prolonged until we've reached our target. Soon thereafter we'll want to be tradeable (listed on e.g. CryptoBridge).

    We're considering allowing shared masternodes with 1-click setup in the near future to be more accessible.
    For those who can't afford 5'000 BASE for a masternode, we additionally offer 250 BASE staking packages
    Potential reward calculations at https://www.sparkbase.io/pre-sale.

    The team & I have also been discussing various ways of BASE coin integration. One possibility is that BASE will be burned when used for access to advanced trading tool functions, resulting in inflation control. Masternodes and staking should make sense and benefit the holder long-term. Imagine what it means to help uphold the BASE network, when the platform experiences exponential growth and e.g. 200'000+ registered users spend BASE.

    BASE PRESALE - Run Your Own Masternode & Staking Wallets

    We're excited about progress with the SparkLab, will release an MVP functionality next week. Here's a preview.

  • SparkBASE Masternode Setup Tutorial -

    Masternodes are up for grabs at www.sparkbase.io/pre-sale & it's still early. Any questions, we're here.

    Devs are ironing out some minor bugs on the MVP functions we'll likely release next weekend
    & we've hired some help working on a SparkBase image film coming soon thereafter.

    New functions include e.g. getting a quick overview & laying two additional coins over a chart for direct comparison.

  • Recap: We've been listed self-funded on https://masternodes.online/currencies/BASE since 13th of January and got an additional listing on https://mnrank.com/coin/BASE/.

    We're not doing an ICO, we are offering masternode and staking packages of BASE in the presale phase before we get on exchanges (here www.sparkbase.io/pre-sale).

    Although the reputation of ICOs has been tarnished by scammers in the last two years, it's still a good fundraising tool. 
    For our purposes it's not necessary as we do not need millions of dollars to realize our project. The goal is transparency.

    The BASE network has 38 active masternodes right now of which some are corporate owned to keep the ROI where we want it, high and stable.

    This week I met Binance, Ripple & Dash speakers in person at a Crypto Valley event, while promoting SparkBase, sharing the Whitepaper with 
    consultants & potential buyers and networking with the like-minded from the industry. We will be hardwallet compatible. 
    From my talks with the official Ledger distributor of Switzerland, we'll make sure of it once we hit exchanges. 


    The $BASE Watchlist including benchmark trackers is LIVE at www.sparkbase.io/watchlist/high-liquidity
    One of many SparkBase features in the works. Have a look!

    With the release of the MVP, which you will see grow ever-more in the coming months, 
    we're offering an additional staking package 30% off, to be more accessible for the every man in a bear market. Get yours at https://www.sparkbase.io/pre-s...

  • We've been working hard to bring you a quality image film for the SparkBase platform including use case & features, so please take a look. 

    Help us give it some reach by liking & retweeting this tweet & win 100 BASE. 

    Thank you. https://twitter.com/5000BASE/status/1106285246004252673

  • - We've readjusted the initial cost from 2.35 to 1.75 BTC in relation to the latest BTC price movements. 
    - Masternode rewards are scaling up nice and slow. Next stage is tomorrow. 
    - $BASE is hitting exchanges in the coming weeks. 
    - Final presale phase ends April 28th.

    Best time to buy BASE was February. 
    The second best time is now.

  • Escodex () listing and testing has been a success. Available pairs are , & .

    Please take a look and store your account details securely if new to the exchange.