Specs for a PC made to host masternodes?

  • I'm looking for a CPU/ram requirement for a computer to run 40+ different wallets, with multiple open at a time. Are QT wallets multicore enabled? Thanks a lot. Will be hosting a bunch of masternodes and contributing to this community along the way

  • Just a note, you need a publicly accessible static IP address, so not sure if you'll be able to do this from a PC if that's what you're talking about.

  • @cryptocartel

    I am talking about the control wallets. There will still be a VPS involved to do the networking part. This is for a hot-cold setup. Am looking at setting up 40~ different masternode coins with multiples of the most profitable. Thanks for commenting!

  • You're going to want a high-end machine for sure, maybe more than one - depending on how much you want to spend, I'd bet a high end/top shelf consumer machine could probably handle 40 wallets (never done it though, so not speaking from experience).  It's also going to depend on the devs of the wallet and how much of your system's resources they consume, they tend to use the max amounts of resources when syncing, so I'd definitely sync each wallet individually.  

  • My recommendation is a cheap linux thing with a good processor and some ram. Compile everything from source, and then setup a script to open one wallet at a time and sync. It's fairly easy. I do something similar on my mac, but it's easier to do CLI stuff with full Linux. If you must do Windows QT wallets, I run around 8 wallets open at the same time on an older i7 laptop with 4GB RAM, works like a charm. If you want to actually have 40 open at once say for staking, you'll need some big power probably. 

  • If you have to aask this question then you're not 1337 enough to run a masternode from home. Just get a VPN

  • @donal_trump I'm presently running 4 masternodes in a hot cold setup. I am asking this because it seems as if the wallets are not multicore enabled so an AMD 6~ core or greater system would be wasted resources.

  • @otpyrc Don't think The Donald understands you don't want to run a MN from home, just the coined wallets. I don't know if you're running Windows but it is common. Not sure if Windows will automatically use all cores as you ramp up the load but you can use Task Manager (Ctrl-Shift-ESC) click Processes, then right click the program (EXE file, probally <name of wallet>.exe) and click Set Affinity, where you can force the program (wallet) to use the cores you want. You could also set up a few VMs, with a number of wallets in each that your computer can handle, and open one VM at a time syncing that group, but you would have to switch VMs and have overhead. cryptocartel's way sounds far better; Not sure why you would need a system with much more performance than running the OS if only one wallet was open at a time. Not sure how long to cycle wallets, but quick if you keep them up, and Linux has better stability, security, and less hardware requirements, but is harder to learn and if you need a Windows wallet for a coin you will need a Windows VM in the Linux system or another computer.

  • I'm looking to move my cold Windows wallets to a dedicated laptop.  Some of the coins are CPU intensive.  Any suggestions on specs for the laptop?

  • @grinmoure it really depends on how many wallets and what coins they are.  What's your budget?  Not interested in a VPS setup?

  • @mlangley I have 10 wallets running and would like to add more.  I'm using Vultr for VPS and would spend $300-400 for a laptop.