My Masternode Journey — CryptoCartel

  • @cryptosandwich I love Salmon it's delicious, but all things considered I'd prefer to be a Shark over a Whale or a Dolphin...  Just my preference, but dolphins are still cool.

  • @cryptocartel Raspberry Pi implant?

  • @cryptocartel I'm a whale, I bought a $500 masternode that crashed to under $100. Oh wait, I meant I was whaled...

  • @cryptocartel Vultr lets you name each VPS. I maxxed out at five though. I have had good luck so far with their $2.50 VPS, and if sold out changing location might make one available. Bitvise lets you copy and paste to and from the VPS.

  • @xixix13 you can request more VPS from vultr. They'll approve it within the day usually.

  • Global Moderator

    @cryptocartel  Really really nice job!   love your perceptive.  thank so much for sharing!!

  • Wow, this is the first time i have read anything about masternodes and i feel like i have a decent understanding just from your efforts. Cant thank you enough. 

  • This post is amazing! This should be pinned on the landing page of between blocks! (together with that JAM post). In many points you describe the same experience I had. I wish I found something like this earlier. Just curious about the ' is my binance'  😂   You just go look for coins on random exchanges? You go to discord channels from where? My starting point is almost always (except for akroma only I think) Looks like you start deeper! 

     Cheers dude!

  • @tic4

    Glad you found it interesting and entertaining! I come across coins in so many random ways honestly: stumbling on them on twitter, someone randomly mentioning them in a telegram conversation, reading through bitcointalk ANNs, betweenblocks posts, sometimes people talking in discord chats about other coins, sometimes exchanges like SE or CB posting new additions. The more you are into masternodes and crypto in general the more you'll start to see them pop up in other ways.

  • Very helpful post. Thanks for doing such a great work.

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