AMD/NVIDIA Ace Grin Miner v 1.1

  • We are developing a fast multi-gpu windows miner for cuckaroo29 mining algorithm which is used in Grin - a new community-driven implementation of Mimblewimble.

    10.02.19 price ~5.5$


    Supports Nvidia/AMD GPUs with a min of 7gb VRAM Simple configuration/auto-detection of GPUs and CPU settings 4-6% speed improvement over grin gold miner Ongoing development and dedicated Discord support channel Moderate 1% dev fee to fund future development Linux and Mac versions under development Expected speeds for typical GPUs: 1080TI - 4.6 gps, 1080 3.5 gps, 1070ti 3.2 gps

    Quick Launch Guide: Update drivers: Nvidia just use the latest, AMD we recommend 18.6.1 adrenaline drivers Download and install 2.2.1 .NET Core libraries Note: restart required Set virtual memory to 40-56GB (about 7gb per GPU) Run start.bat and input your pool data. We recommend the following pools:

    Download Links AceGrinMiner_v1.1

    Grin pools:

    Mining speed:

    Nvidia driver 416.34

    1070Ti (+100 0 145W) - 3,25 gps 1080 (+100 0 150W) - 3,6 gps 1080Ti (+100 0 210W) - 4,5 gps 1080Ti (+100 0 155W) - 4,05 gps

    AMD adrenaline 18.6.1

    RX570 8Gb (cc:1340 mc:1750) - 1,7 gps

    (Celeron 3930, 4Gb RAM)

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    Seems lots of people are looking to mine Grin. Might have some success with this one.

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