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    Masternode Setup: https://github.com/RESQ-Chain/...

    Coin Monitoring Sites:
    Masternodes Online: https://masternodes.online/cur...
    Live Coin Watch: https://www.livecoinwatch.com/...
    My Crypto Stats: https://mycryptostats.com/?ref...
    Mining Calculator: https://shittomine.com/calcula...

    Shared masternode services:
    EvoNodes: https://evonodes.com/
    MDC Hash: https://mdchash.com/

  • RECO Swap completed successfully. 
    The final information is available on the RESQ Swap platform:

    RECO Coins have been sent in for Swaps - 1292714
    RESQ Coins have been sent out for Swaps - 517085

    Latest news: in next two weeks, we expect announcement of preparation for replacement of own chain with the transition to PoS mode, after will be announcement of the RESS Swap, as well as general information about the integration of the Voting and Swap platform into a single structure.

    Updated list of Exchanges with RESQ and Shared masternode services.

  • administrators

    I find this an interesting and useful usecase. There is plenty of dead coin with communities that need saving at the moment in this bear market. However I already know of a couple projects doing that (Merge and SalvageCoin). How do you plan on thriving given that Merge in particular has already a big head start?

    Anyway, thanks for posting and good luck with your project! Looking forward to see what comes out of it.

  • @kelnel
    Thank you for your feedback! Our project started a little earlier than the Merge and we already have experience of several successful swaps, where we polished the Voting and Exchange processes, as well used new interesting opportunities, as it was with KYD (track exploits in the chain and perform the exchange for a new chain by blacklisting all addresses associated with the addresses involved in the exploit, we are pleased to report that we were able to remove most of the exploited coins that were not transferred to ew chain), it is also worth noting that our conditions for Swap seem to us softer, the main priority in presence of technical capabilities is the choice of Community. At the moment, we are focused on improving the Swap Platform and introducing new features.

  • Currently, block 106 699, transition to PoS is expected at block 110 000

    Explorer: http://explorer.resqchain.org:3001

  • Our new POS wallet is now available for download, this is a new chain so please install the wallet to the default folder it suggests and do not overright your old RESQ folder. You will need your old RESQ wallet to be able to swap to the new chain.

    Please withdraw any RESQ coins you have on Hotdex to your old wallet address ASAP, going to request them to open up trading for the new wallet in about 48 hours and trading for the old wallet will be left open on Crex24 for 1 week.

    Swap platform will be opened soon.

  • Basic instruction of the Swap platform. Swap with the old wallet RESQ v1. on a new chain v3.1.1 (PoS):

    - To get new RESQ coins instead of the old ones, you will need both old (v1.0.1.3) and the new RESQ Chain version (v3.1.1.). A new wallet RESQ install in a new file directory in the folder of the old wallet is not necessary to put!

    - Register on the Swap platform website (swap.resqchain.org), then go to the control panel (Dashboard) and click on the "+" sign (Add new pair). Next, select RESQ Chain - general information about the current swaps will be available as well as their ratio (Ratio) and Commission (Fee), history and management (Manage) will also be available on the tab. Select open swap "RESQ Old" by clicking "+" (Add). 

    - Next, a window will open “Add the Swap Pair For RESQ Resq Old to Resq Chain” request address of your NEW wallet RESQ v3.1.1.1 you want to get a new chain RESQ. Be sure to enter the wallet address by COPYING, if you enter incorrectly, you will lose all your coins!

    - Next, the system will send you to the tab “Your Swap Pairs”, where you can see the new block "resqold→RESQ", click on the Swap details button. Deposit Address is the address assigned to you Sharing platform, to send you old coins purse RESQ v.1 (Only send RESQ OLD (resqold) to this address! Any other coins will be rejected and lost forever!). RESQ (Resq Chain) Destination Address - the address you specified earlier, to which the system will send the new exchanged RESQ coins (check again that you entered this address correctly!).

    - The Swap platform checks all active addresses for transactions every 15 minutes and processes them in the queue automatically.

    - If you have any questions or need help, please contact channel #tech-support RESQ Discord.

    - The Swap ratio is 1:1 to 18.03.2009 00: 00: 00 UTC, after and to the end of Swap (31.03.2009 14:30:00 UTC) the ratio will be 2:1.

    Masternode Setup updated. New port is 13200. RPC port is 13211.

  • Information currently platform RESQ Swap:

    Coins have been sent In for Swaps - 238,226,740.22395608

    Coins have been sent Out for Swaps - 105,604,727.13161705

    Users currently signed up to the Platform - 846

  • Please withdraw all RESQ coins from Crex24, we requested an wallet update and don't want anyone losing any coins.

    Also the new RESQ chain is now trading on Escodex!

  • We are pleased to announce a general update of the project with the transition to a new PoS network. In the new wallet you could notice the Proposals tab, in the future it will become a new voting system for the owners of RESQ Chain masternodes, where you can make your suggestions and respond to other people's proposals. The RESS button on the Swap platform is present, but is not yet active due to problems with the build of the Renesis wallet. RESQ website has been updated, in the future it is also planned to expand the offer for participants of the crypto sphere and introduce new interesting features!

    We will separately mention that RESQ is listed on MDCHASH.