[ANN] Know Your Developer - Bridging trust between community and developer!

  • We are more than happy to announce that we are releasing a partner Web API. This will allow partners to easily integrate an up to date list of KYD verified teams. If you are interested about integrating with our Verified Team API send us a message on KYD Discord.

    MDChash has joined the collaboration into making the Cryptosphere safer! They too will display the KYD verified tick!

  • KYD is listed now on Blocknet Dex and Klimatas Hub

  • We are happy to announce that KYD is listed on FLITSNODE APP masternode & staking application for Android

    FLITSNODE will be released for IOS soon after the android application is finished (it's just released so small bugs may attent)

    Android App: https://play.google.com/store/...
    Website: https://flitsnode.app/

  • Good news - MasterNode Buzz has joined the collaboration into making the Cryptosphere safer! They too will display the KYD verified tick and banner! We are also happy to announce KYD is a BuzzBacker now. We are looking forward to cooperate with Masternode Buzz and work on a wider marketing for the future. 

  • Features for launching KYD Hiring platform:

    Project Owner
    - Registration Process
    - Post a Job (With Milestones)
    - Award a Developer Bidding for my Job
    - Close a Job after completion
    - View Jobs Posted
    - View My Jobs
    - View Messages
    - View Notifications

    - Registration Process
    - View Jobs Posted
    - Bid for a Job
    - View My Jobs (Awarded)
    - View Messages
    - View Notifications

    Based on our lastest build, we have solved most of the issues that we have spotted. We have also gone through internally on the deployment. We are doing the final run of fixes which includes the Notification module, and some fixes to the Job Status. 

    Launch Date has been set at 20 May 2019.

  • We are happy to announce the release of our Beta version at https://platform.kydcoin.io

    Please feel free to test and review the platform as we continue to update and upgrade the platform to be more robust and efficient.

    This is the begining of the journey for KYD, thanks for your support!

  • KYD Hiring Platform Bug Bounty

    From: 3 June till 30 June 2019

    The aim of this bounty is to get the community to help us in identifying potential bugs and vulnerabilities during the initial phase. 

    We have setup a fund of 30,000KYD for this initial bounty, which would be distributed to the various valid contributions. 

    Bugs will be accepted on a first come first serve basis, duplicated reported will unfortunately not be accepted.

    On an estimate we will be paying out 100KYD - Low, 500KYD - Medium, 1000KYD - High Priority
    For High Priority, it has to be related to security vulnerabilities.

    We hope you would take this as a community project, and help build something great together.

  • We are happy to announce KYD is now listed on Combatnerd.

    Combatnerd combines the idea of Passive Income with Cryptocurrencies.

  • New verifications!

    Developers from EvoNodes and Flitsnode have completed KYD verification! Their identity is now known and confirmed by KYD for both coin and service.

  • The new wallet (v3.2.1) is officially ready for updating, this update is to fix the occasional forking that has been experienced by some.

    Local wallet download versions available for Windows, Ubuntu (16 & 18), IOS (Mojave & High Sierra) at https://github.com/kydcoin/KYD3/releases

    MasterNode updates can be done through VPS: 
    bash <(curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kydcoin/KYD3/master/contrib/masternodes/kyd-install.sh) - Option 2

    Any questions or issues please post in KYD Discord support channels: #wallet-help and #masternode-help.

    You can access the new explorer through the following url: https://kyd.ccore.online/, this will be updated in a few days to our standard explorer address and we will provide a further announcement at that time.