[ANN][GoldenFever] Masternodes Coin,Smart contract based game platform coming!

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    GoldenFever - This is fair wins,fair rewards supported by Etherium and Waves Smart Contracts!

    We are building a whole ecosystem Game platform that would give game developers all the advantages of using smart contracts and blockchain.

    Firstly we have a strong experienced blockchain developers team that will develop our own games, meanwhile, other developers could use our platform to list their blockchain based games.

    Secondly our economic model: 30% of the platform’s earnings will be aimed at maintaining the liquidity of the coin GFR

    So why GoldenFever?

    High level of utility

    The coin is used as a payment for lotteries, sponsored by the GFR team or other coins

    Profits for everyone

    Each lottery is calculated to be fair and economically profitable

    Daily Variety

    There are unlimited types of lotteries, which assures the engagement throughout time

    Join with two clicks on your favorite social platform

    The lotteries are held through discord bot to make the participation as easy as possible

    Amazing prizes

    You can win master nodes, bitcoin, altcoins, and actual devices, like Ledgers or iPhones

    All-beneficial ecosystem

    Each lottery increases the awareness of GFR coin and drives the price up




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    good project.

  • So you don't have a MvP yet?