[ANN] TeamRedMiner 0.3.10 - Optimized AMD GPU Miner for lyra2rev3, lyra2z, phi2

  • Teamredminer v0.3.10 Beta Release This is an optimized miner for AMD GPUs created by todxx and kerney666.

    For questions/comments about cryptonight v8, please post in this thread. This is the lyra2rev3, lyra2z, and phi2 thread for this miner.

    This is a BETA release and may be unstable on some hardware.

    Algorithms: cryptonight v8 (cnv2), lyra2rev3, lyra2z, phi2

    GPUs Supported and Tested: RX 580/570/480/470 on windows and linux with rocm or amdgpu-pro drivers RX Vega 64/56, Vega FE on windows and linux with rocm or amdgpu-pro/PAL drivers RX 560/550 on windows and linux with rocm or amdgpu-pro drivers

    Windows download available here: TeamRedMiner 0.3.10

    API: The miner includes a read-only api based on the sgminer-5.5 API. Both the json and text formats are supported. For more details, we refer to the sgminer api documentation.

    Software Requirements: Supported GPU driver (see GPUs Supported above) For cryptonight v8 and lyra2rev3 on linux, only amdgpu-pro drivers are supported. Version 18.30 or newer is needed for Vegas. ROCm is not supported.

    This miner includes the following dev fees: Cryptonight v8: 2.5% Lyra2rev3: 2.5% Lyra2z: 3% Phi2: 3%

    For reporting bugs and/or for features requests please make a post here and we’ll do our best to respond. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Features In Development: New Algorithms Pool Failover Colors

    Speed: (feedback)

    doing tests with this miner, here I leave the results GPU0 Asus rogstrix evo rx560 4gb GPU1 MSI gaming rx580 4gb GPU2 MSI armor rx480 4gb GPU3 MSI Armor rx470 4gb GPU4 MSI Amor 570 8gb

    these are the results when extracting LUXCOIN

    [2018-09-14 10:38:29] Stats GPU 0 - phi2: 2.220Mh/s (2.216Mh/s) [2018-09-14 10:38:29] Stats GPU 1 - phi2: 4.766Mh/s (4.752Mh/s) [2018-09-14 10:38:29] Stats GPU 2 - phi2: 4.355Mh/s (4.346Mh/s) [2018-09-14 10:38:29] Stats GPU 3 - phi2: 4.279Mh/s (4.274Mh/s) [2018-09-14 10:38:29] Stats GPU 4 - phi2: 4.223Mh/s (4.274Mh/s) [2018-09-14 10:38:29] Stats Total - phi2: 19.844Mh/s (19.861Mh/s)

    but if I try to extract other coins from the something phi2 throws an error

    Pool eu.bsod.pw successfully subscribed. [2018-09-14 10:50:51] Pool eu bsod pw authorization succeeded. [2018-09-14 10:50:51] Pool eu bsod pw set difficulty to 1.000000

    Vega 64 gets 6.5 MH

    i tried ethos 1.3.2 on another rig, with asus mining expert and 9 gpu (mix 570/580) and it works a bit creepy… 1-2.4mhs per card and i am using 1200 (950) / 900, so it should work without problem

    Same issues here, experimenting with RX470 Sapphire mining editions (4gb/8gb) trying to get best speed/power. But there are lots of sudden failures.

    Stock Ethereum settings fail after 1-2 hours running (few cards each rig): 1110 Core 2050 Mem 1 Core state 850 Core voltage

    With these settings they run a little bit longer, still testing: 1130 Core 1975 Mem 3 Core state 875 Core volatge

    Hashrate on both settings is 2.767 to 2.813. Power usage is between 70-75w

    Changes in v0.3.10 Slight performace improvement for Vegas on lyra2rev3 Pool stratum protocol work-arounds for some pools, fixing duplicate share error. Changed handling of unrecognized pool rpcs to be ignored instead of causing a reconnect. Fix for duplicate shares on 480/580/Vega56 cards with lyra2rev3.

    Changes in v0.3.9 Added support for lyra2rev3 on amdgpu-pro and windows. ROCm support coming in later version. Fixed API bug with not reporting dead GPUs

    Changes in v0.3.8 Added support for fan speed and temperatures. Added watchdog function for gpu init stuck, dead gpu, over-temp gpu, and non-responding pool. Added new optional ‘L’ config prefix for low-end cards like lexa/baffin for a 10+% speed-up on some cards Added an option for writing out a log file. Added cycling through multi-entry dns records when connecting to pools. Added a pool-connect timeout. Added measurement and displaying of pool response times. Added support for 80-byte headers for Phi2 algo (for non-LUX coins). Slightly tuned the ‘+’ mode for polaris, some GPUs will show slight performance increase. Fixed bug with API interface occasionally getting stuck.

    Changes in v0.3.7 Redesigned GPU initialization, should now be less error prone. Added clean shutdown to reduce driver/GPU crashes. Added staggered GPU start-up to reduce GPU crashes. Added CPU verification for CNv8 and associated --no_cpu_check option. Fixed crash on pool authentication error. Added --pool_broken_rpc work-around option for pools that violate json rpc spec. Added option to reorder by PCIe bus numbers. Added --list_devices option to show available devices. Added changed stats formatting to indicate which numbers are accepted/rejected/hw-error shares. Added uptime to stats.

    Changes in v0.3.6 Added support for Rx550 cards (gfx804). Improved stability on larger rigs, especially with weaker cpus. Improved error reporting on failed initialization.

    Changes in v0.3.5 Changed GPU initialization to be sequential by default and added --init_style option for faster init styles. Fixed network buffer size issue preventing the use of very long usernames/passwords/rig_ids. Added opencl platform auto-detection for AMD platforms when --platform is not specified.

    Changes in v0.3.4 Added CryptoNight v8 (CNv2) support Changed stats display to include pool hashrate and better formatting Added parallel GPU initialization Added output of submitted/accepted/rejected shares. Changed hashrate reported to be full GPU hashrate (previously hashrate reported was after dev fee deduction)

    Changes in v0.3.3 ROCm support reintroduced API support based on the sgminer API Improved GPU platform detection PCIe bus id printed on startup and is available over API Added option for periodic stats interval

    Changes in v0.3.2 Added windows support/build Added vega PAL driver support Removed ROCm support (temporarily) Removed libjansson dependency

    Changes in v0.3.1 Fixed phi2 issues with rejected shares and low pool-side hashrate.

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