What stats do you want?

  • I'm a programmer with decades of experience in security and finance.  What stats would you like to see collected/graphed for Masternodes that aren't already nicely handled by others?
    I'm thinking of comparisons such as "payout decrease over X days", "MN count by day", and then comparisons on other axes such as cost.

  • Yes.  Personally I'd like to see Historical ROI figures.  Thanks and let me know if you need help with anything.

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    Good stuff @Archonic . I'm sure you are already aware of @OmniAnalytics 's work, but if not, check it out (on twitter) and maybe get in touch with them; seems to be completely your field 🙂 

    Looking forward to see your analysis, MNs are still very untouched on an academic standpoint. There is very little studies, tools and statistical analysis in this field. Your work will be very appreciated and will spread like fire I'm sure.

  • Maybe a comparison of volume / node and price / node over time. And also splitting listed Masternodes into three groups/graphs, organized by their starting evaluation and applying your idea, "payout decrease over X days"

  • Hi. I hope it is the right place for my question: I am also interested in statistics about masternodes. All information I would like to use is allready on masternode.online. Does anyone knows if it possible to get the data of the grapghs, for example the masternode count over time...

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    @avecoui If I'm not mistaking, masternodes.online does not have an API you can use to pull their stats from. But since I'm not sure, I'll ping @Cryptosandwich so that he can confirm/deny 

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    @archonic  @OmniAnalytics  

    @kelnel - No API presently, but if people have a project in mind they can reach out to me.

    Some of your requests are within masternodes.online - Click a coin for advanced stats and go to the very bottom.  Our data begins the day the coin lists with MNO and doesn't exist prior...

    This is Masternode count - Note that this is interesting because Crown is down but only down because they launched System Nodes option w/ 1/20th of the collateral and much higher initial ROI a week after we listed.

  • @omnianalytics

    Right, that's exactly one of the questions I'd like to analyse.  How quickly MNs ramp up in nodes, and how stable they are.  My guess is that is strongly tied to price, but I bet there are a number of other indicators to be teased out.  For example, how does a "JAM" compare to a Node with not-only-DASH-clone-features, such as XUMA or one of the smart-contract options?
    Does that non-JAM class have a similar ramp, I bet not, but I'd like to have that shown clearly in the stats/graphs.

  • Most importantly historical roi would be great, perhaps a graph showing number of nodes, payouts, etc.

    Also additional features, if any, each coin has would be great

  • Any idea on when this is released?