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    Official announcement GWAY project of Giveaway's with its own algorithm for selecting Winners.
    Verification and tracking Giveaway's organizers!

    Gwaycoin Core - Windows/Linux/macOS/RP wallets available for download

    GWAYCOIN Specifications

    Coin name: Gwaycoin
    Symbol: GWAY
    Algo: phi2
    Max.Supply: 12.500.000.000
    Masternode collateral: 1.000.000 
    Block reward: 1200
    Block time: 210 sec.
    Masternode: 960 GWAY (80%)
    PoW: 180 GWAY (15%)
    DevFee: 60 GWAY (5%)
    * after block 75.000 (MN 75% / PoW 20% / DevFee 5%)

    Block Reward Halving
    First GWAY block mining reward halves on 150,000 blocks. (1 year), the coin reward will decrease from 1200 to 600 coins.
    After first halving The GWAY block mining reward halves every 450,000 blocks (3 year)

    GWAY pools

    We present to your attention our first project that will radically change your attitude to Giveaway and their organizers. How often have you or your friends won in Giveaway ? How many people and projects do you know who really gives gifts to their subscribers? How much hype and the new giveaways you see every day leafing through feed in Twitter?

    Please answer these questions as honestly as possible in comments.

    Written internal architecture of Giveaways, GwayLive Beta will work in manual mode with the help of our moderators. 
    Later, we will transfer the entire system to GWAY blockchain and present most transparent service for both community and organizers.

    GwayLive Beta is RUNNING
    We invite Giveaway's organizers to join GWAY service among the first.

    GwayLive Service fee: 
    1 Giveaway - BTC0,00400  (40,000 GWAY)
    3 Giveaway - BTC0,01000 (100,000 GWAY)
    5 Giveaway - BTC0,01600 (160,000 GWAY)
    Applications open NOW

    In future, monthly and annual subscription to Giveaway Verifications will be included. Individual status of organizers.

    On website you can subscribe to our newsletter
    If you know those who spend Giveaway be sure to share with them your find!

    GWAY Social
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