Nodarium | 🔥 The simplest masternode hosting service. Period. 🔥

  • Nodarium will host your masternodes. You don't need absolutely any technical knowledge. Just a few clicks and you can enjoy rewards from your masternodes. Starting from $4.99 per month.

    Why should you choose us?
    • We never share resources, your masternode must be stable - just one masternode running on a server
    • Stay anonymous - we only need your nickname and e-mail
    • Integrated payment gateway accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and USD Coin (stablecoin)
    • Extremely quick setup of multiple (5 or more) nodes at once - we will do it for you, whales are welcomed
    • Mobile friendly web platform for checking status of your masternodes anywhere in the world  Wink

    Don't hesitate to try!
    Official site:

  • $7.90 per node, per VPS? Or is it unlimited masternode hosting?

  • @soldatchristi It is $7.90 per VPS ($4.99 from now on), you can change coin on a server if you choose 6 or 12 months plan. Only one node is allowed on a server. 

  • It is not easy to buy and run masternodes during infamous crypto winter. We decided to reflect lower rewards from masternodes - the most affordable plan with us is now for $4.99 per month while stability remains our priority! 

  • This post is deleted!

  • Several new coins were listed, Lucent Coin (LCNT) and Gold Bear Coin (GLC) among them.

  • With Coinbase introducing a new stablecoin USD Coin, it is now possible to pay with USDC at Nodarium! You can avoid fluctuations in crypto prices and pay stable amount for the hosting.