[ANN] Crypto Sports (CSPN) | eSports platform | MN | PoS | 13.37M supply

  • Introducing Crypto Sports

    Crypto Sports builds the bridge between the eSports and Crypto world, offering gamers and developers innovative ways to connect and provide opportunities for every gamer, casual or professional, to earn money doing what they love most thanks to the Crypto Sports Network and our crypto currency, CSPN.

    Introducing the Crypto Sports Network

    With the Crypto Sports Network, our key focus is to maximize our development in the blockchain technology alongside other integrations for gamers and developers. The vision of the network is to offer gamers a new and comfortable environment providing them with full support where they can connect with other gamers, stay up to date on the latest eSports news, increase their fan base and connect with followers & clan members.
    In addition to this, gamers can also win prizes in CSPN by playing against fellow gamers, participating in tournaments or taking part in eSports bets. This also gives a way for gamers to purchase hard- and software as well as merchandise with their earned CSPN coins within our very own eStore.

    Introducing the Crypto Sports Currency (CSPN)

    CSPN stands for Crypto Sports Network and is also the core of the eponymous  platform. Besides Proof-of-Stake (PoS), CSPN also provides Masternode (MN) functionality which is fully integrated into the Crypto Sports ecosystem and allows instant and secure private peer to peer transactions within the Crypto Sports Network.

    CSPN Specifications

    Name: Crypto Sports
    Ticker: CSPN
    Algo: Quark
    Type: MN / PoS
    Reward split: 80% / 20%
    Block reward: 3 CSPN (annually decreasing by 6.7%)
    Block time: 60s
    MN collateral: 1337 CSPN (l33t)
    Max supply: 13.37M
    Premine: 850k



    The Public Redemption



    We successfully swapped 127,030,101 HTRC, 23,930,770 VYI and 13,746,234 GOSS to CSPN.


    The Crypto Sports Team


    The Crypto Sports Roadmap for 2018 / 2019


    December 2018

    Get CSPN ready.

    Prepare the redemption platform for automated swapping of HTRC, VYI & GOSS to CSPN.

    Publish the Crypto Sports landing page.


    Q1 2019

    Release the CSPN wallet to the public.

    Let the public redemption take place.

    List CSPN on first exchange.

    Publish the official Crypto Sports website.

    Create the promotional banner and advertise CSPN.

    Closed alpha testing the Crypto Sports Network platform (CSPN platform) base functionality:
    - gamer & clan profiles
    - chat & blogging functionality
    - match system


    Q2 2019

    Release of the official Crypto Sports whitepaper.

    Closed beta testing the CSPN platform base functionality (Community involved).

    Open beta release of the CSPN platform.

    Extend the CSPN platform functionality by implementing the tournament and livestreaming system with CSPN tip functionality for Let’s Players.


    Q3 2019

    Promote the first CSPN tournament.

    Present the CSPN platform to potential partners.

    Extend the CSPN platform functionality by implementing the contest system.


    Q4 2019

    Implement the masternode (full node) service into the CSPN platform.

    Present the eSports betting system to potential partners (closed beta).

    Create the Crypto Sports promotional video as part of the marketing campaign for 2020.




    Windows 64bit WalletWindows 32bit Wallet

    Mac OS X WalletLinux Wallet

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    We are looking forward to experience this journey with you together as a great community!

    - Your Crypto Sports team -

  • @CryptoSportsIO

    Breaking News

    Smashing through more milestones: CSPN will be listed on both CryptoBridge and Graviex!

    The listing forms have been filled out and listing fees have been generously secured externally helping us avoid having to sell any Dev CSPN on any Exchanges so far.

    This represents a critical step in the CSPN marketing plan as we have signed a deal with a major marketing and SEO company that will help us bring our project to the masses which we could not do without CryptoBridge and Graviex expanding our coverage globally, including the USA and Canada.

    The CSPN team thanks all investors and will continue to diligently march down our RoadMap.

    Expect bigger announcements right around the corner.

    - Your Crypto Sports Team -

  • @CryptoSportsIO


    CSPN is now listed on Graviex!

    You can now trade CSPN on Graviex BTC and LTC market.

    CSPN/BTC: https://graviex.net/markets/cspnbtc
    CSPN/LTC: https://graviex.net/markets/cspnltc

    P.S. CryptoBridge paid!

    - Your Crypto Sports team -

  • Official CSPN Dev Blog

    Dear Community,

    The Crypto Sports team strives to set new benchmarks for Quality, Accountability and Excellence.

    To further that goal, we are excited to announce the official CSPN developer blog where we will keep everyone up to date with exactly how things are going on the development side. This transparency will bring confidence to the community and let the developers express their hard work while they are working on it.

    CSPN Official Blog: http://blog.cspn.io/

    That is not all though, We are also implementing a new channel in our Discord server (https://discord.gg/vVqU7b7) : #platform-suggestions which will be used to gather any ideas and suggestions the community has for the platform; as this is a true community project.

    The first dev blog update is already posted and waiting for you.


    - Your Crypto Sports team -

  • WELCOME Crypto Sports (CSPN)

    Crypto Sports builds a bridge between eSports and the crypto world


    Rewards table

    Midas.Investments — https://midas.investments/?p=CryptoBoy


  • CSPN is now tradeable World Wide

    CryptoBridge has completed the CSPN listing and now Crypto Sports can be traded globally!

    This was both an exciting and necessary step for us and now that investors can exchange CSPN from around the world we can safely begin our marketing outreach programs. As mentioned in our previous announcement we have an entire Campaign lined up with a top SEO company that will launch our awareness far beyond the loyal community we currently have.

    Bringing in new members and ideas will help build the Crypto Sports brand and platform into a diverse ecosystem where everyone can take part and be rewarded.

    As new investors start to join our community, let us be sure to all do our best to be welcoming and helpful so together we can rise up and show the world how Crypto Sports unites people from all corners of Earth.

    CSPN/BTC: https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.CSPN_BRIDGE.BTC

    - Your Crypto Sports team -

  • @CryptoSportsIO

    The time has arrived to announce the industry leader that will manage the Crypto Sports Marketing Campaign!

    Waypoint Software is an industry leader in Internet Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, and Social Marketing for over 15 years and has an A+ rating with the BBB. They have millions of consumers that opt-into their network of over 1400 websites daily and plan on targeting people that are into Crypto, Investing, eSports, Gaming, Programming, and other demographics that would tailer to our market place.

    We have an extensive and complex marketing strategy which Waypoint will begin implementing the first week of April 2019 under the close supervision and guidance of the Core team to make sure all branding and messages line up with the Crypto Sports level of excellence our community has come to expect and deserve. The first platform campaigns being launched will be through Facebook and Direct Email to build awareness and test responsiveness before moving into more broad spectrum lines of communication and more targeted marketing campaigns.

    There will be a new channel #marketing-suggestions on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/vVqU7b7) for the community to suggest ideas that we can implement alongside our own campaigns.

    CSPN will continue to grow with our Community organically through hard work and results, not Hope and Hype.

    Changing eSports one block at a time,

    -Your Crypto Sports team-

  • @CryptoSportsIO

    BREAKING NEWS: CSPN is now listed on CoinMarketCap!

    We just reached a massive goal and are very happy and excited to announce that CSPN is now officially listed on CoinMarketCap:

    We would like to thank you guys for all your love and support. We have an exciting journey ahead of us and are happy to have you all on board.

    With much love,

    - Your Crypto Sports team -

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