[ANN] DELION COIN (POS/MN) Masternode solution service in one platform



    Delion Project is created to provide cryptocurrency masternode solution in one platform.
    Delion provides cryptocurrency related services such as:
    1. Free Proactive Masternode monitoring service.
      • Notification on Status changes
      • Notification on Incoming rewards
      • We check for your Node's network - IP and PORT are all available in our platform
      • Messages sent through Email and Telegram (you can choose one of them or both).
    2. Complete technical coin information and it's resources
    3. Masternode Statistics
      • Complete and accurate data
    • Next Product and Service
      • Masternode Hosting
      • Market Monitoring Notification
      • Cryptocurrency Exchange (ShineDEX)

    Coin Specifications

    Name: Delion Coin
    Ticker: DLN
    Total Supply: Infinite
    Reward Split: 20% PoS, 80% Masternode
    Masternode Collateral: 5,000 DLN

    Links and Resources

    Website: https://delion.online/
    Whitepaper v1.0: https://delion.online/whitepaper-v1.pdf
    Explorer: http://explorer.delion.online/
    Telegram [EN]: https://t.me/delioncoin
    Telegram [ID]: https://t.me/delioncoin_id
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinDelion
    Wallets: https://github.com/delioncoin/delioncore/releases
    Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5113357.0
    Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/zsh2PZt
    Telegram bot for node monitoring: https://t.me/delionMNCheck_bot
    Masternode Auto Install Script and tutorial: https://github.com/delioncoin/masternode
    Masternode Statistics Services:
    MNCN: https://mncn.online/coins/DLN
    MNROI: https://www.mnroi.info/coin/DLN
    Staking Pool: https://staking.live/

    FINEXBOX -> https://www.finexbox.com/market/pair/DLN-BTC.html

    DACH EXCHANGE -> https://dach.exchange/exchange/dln-btc

    Roadmap Timeline

    December 2018 Phase 1: Delion Project Begins [COMPLETED]

    • Project ideas
    • Coin use case
    • Future integration with companies current businesses
    • Assemble Team members
    • Coin's Reward structure and collateral

    December 2018 - Phase 2: Delion Blockchain Test [COMPLETED]

    • Testing Delion Coin Blockchain
    • Adjust some parameters in the code
    • Make up GUI Wallet

    January 2019 - Introducing Delion to community [COMPLETED]

    • Website Launched
    • Telegram Group International and Indonesia created
    • Launch Discord Channel
    • Twitter Account Created

    February 2019 - Launch Delion Platform [COMPLETED]

    • Masternodes Monitoring Service alerts and notifications via Email and Telegram
    • Coin Info: Complete technical coin informations
    • Crypto Currency Market Data

    March 2019 - Presale and Listing on Exchange [COMPLETED]

    • Coin Pre Sale - DONE
    • Listed on Exchange - DONE

    April 2019 - Expanding Delion Platform

    • Masternode Statistics
    • Masternode Directory
    • Add more currency on the platform
    • Apply Paid service for listing
    • Launch CryptoCurrency Exchange ShineDEX.com

    May - June 2019 Phase 1: Marketing Campaign

    • Recruite Community Manager
    • Twitter Bounty
    • Delion Platform User bounty
    • Discord invite bounty
    • Youtube videos rewards
    • Social media articles rewards

    May - June 2019 Phase 2: Integrate Delion into Indonesian based Fintech Application

    • Integration Delion into Indonesian based Fintech Application aims to enable Indonesian to buy cryptocurrency using Fiats (rupiah). Users can then exchange Delion to other cryptocurrencies through Digital Exchange where Delion Coin listed

    May - June 2019 Phase 3: Masternode Hosting

    • Masternode hosting service release on Delion Platform
    • Allows investors to easily deploy masternode in a few clicks
    • Coin listing fees and hosting payment using Delion Coin

    July 2019 Move Forward

    • Release Whitepaper 2.0
    • Roadmap and Planning for August - December 2019 Announced
    • Revealing Delion Project's Team on Website and in Whitepaper

    Current ROI and Income

    Buy Delion here:

  • We are now listed on Masternodes.Online

    Join our discord: https://discord.gg/zsh2PZt

    Or telegram: https://t.me/delioncoin

  • Delion Project News:

    853 MN launched so far!! The growth is so fast. Thank you for all investors.

    MAY-JUNE will be our months! Here are some leaks for our valuable community and investors:

    1. Marketing and promotion will be mainly on twitter and bitcointalk forum in form of bounties.

    2. We will develop indonesian community separately and will cover all about blockchain and masternodes in it, we bring awareness and education about blockchain and masternodes to Indonesians.

    3. On delion youtube channel we will cover many things related to masternodes in Indonesian language.

    4. Our plan to launch DEX is temporarily postponed and will be included in our long term plan (no exact date).

    5. Currently we already have and Indonesian based fintech android application with active user base, we will integrate cryptocurrency purchase menu within the app. Indonesians can buy MN coins using IDR fiat currency. The app called "Sijagomurah".

    6. We will charge listing fees for other coins that wants to be listed on "Sijagomurah" - and all coins profile will be introduced on youtube in Indonesian language.

    7. Also our MN hosting platform is almost ready to launch.

    As you can see, all these products and services related together forming an ecosystem from MNBiz Statistics and monitoring, Android App to purchase MN coins using fiats and MN hosting platform.

    Our vision to be an all-in-one-platform Masternode Solution Service is on its way to become reality.

    Sijagomurah App is the pilot project in Indonesian market. In the long term, we will copy paste the concept to apply in other country.

    What makes it different with other platform?

    Currently fiat to cryptocurrency service available in the market require user to provide Credit Card (Visa or Master) or other third party service to exchange with cryptocurrency, which is the biggest obsticle for development country. Our platform is straight forward! Buy coins using fiats directly from their bank account!

    We see the gap, we fill the gap! That's Delion Project.

    Delion will bring unique solution in cryptocurrency business in the near future.

    Remember! We keep working regardless the price. We strongly believe, price will rise along with the release of our products and services that lead to mass adoption of DLN coin.

    Learn more: https://www.delion.online
    Join our discord group: https://discordapp.com/invite/zsh2PZt

  • Platform News update:

    Delion and other cryptocurrencies integration into our Fintech App (Sijagomurah - SJM).
    Need some colour adjustment for the App, also we are working on the backend to serve purchase from SJM App.

    Will be released on-time according to the roadmap. Thanks.

    Learn more: https://delion.online

    Join our discord community: https://discord.gg/zsh2PZt

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