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  • Hi guys! I recently joined the MN community and i know it can be really tough to choose a MN investment. My initial plan was to buy a cheap MN with high ROI and let it ride. Seemed like a no-brainer. After a few days of not thinking about it i noticed the prices and ROIs varied very much so i decided to take it slow and try to evaluate the projects based on market data. I'm not a good judge based on fundamentals, but i had the ability to analyze the data. That helped me make a decision, based on the analysis result and available budget. After figuring out a shortlist (Bulwark and Alqo) i decided to go with BWK and i'm glad i did, since it managed to hold MN value much better than XLQ. Anyway, if you want to check out the analysis, here it is (it might help you make a smart decision):

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    This spreadsheet is actually amazing 🙂 Very nicely done. I really like it. Quick question: Why does some MN find themselves ahead of others, even though your rating system rates them lower (ex: MAG ahead of DMD)?

  • @kelnel thanks!

    to answer your question: my initial ratings were with my prefered metric weights (1,1,1,2,0.2) but some people change the metrics weights as they please (people see various factors with different importance). Now, when you change the metric weights, the absolute score of each coin will change, thus the relative score might change. The MNs were arranged by largest to smallest rating according to my initial ratings, that's why it didn't match. You can reorder as you please (last column).

  • Wow thanks for the great tool! 👍

  • @adi0149Hi mate ! First of all I would like to thx you for your amazing work ! I was wondering if you could add Kalkulus to your study ? see you later 😉

  • thanks for sharing!

  • thx @browniz ! i do have to add a lot of new projects, but i'm kind of busy at work atm. i will refresh the list with with MNO coins in a few days. If Kalkulus is already on MNO, then it will be added to the list.

  • @adi0149 Thx ! good luck with your job 😃

  • @adi0149 Very impressive! Thank you for downing this research. My situation are similar (recently sharing MN community) and have the same challenge too choose the 'best' MN. Your analysis/rating gives more 'feeling' and togehter with the fundamentals, team, purpose, MN-worth etc. I choose 1 or 2 MN. All good Idea's are welcome!

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    Is the coin distribution a consideration? @adi0149  

    There are 2 examples among your top coins that have very little distribution each are owned mostly by the dev teams.

    Do you explore this factor @OmniAnalytics ?

  • Wow this is so awesome. Or is it? I have searched for something like that. I think and sites like that are really hurtful, especially to noobs who get lured into this 1000% RIO coins without really understanding much. I invested into 2 coins I consider bad. BOXY (Abbandoned by devs, forced into XAX with is supposed to raise but so far its a shitcoin with proprietary code (disgusting) and only 140% and I lost money on it. There there is ZACA where I pretty much almost threw 800$ out of the window. The price dumped like crazy and to make matters worse they suddenly raised masternode collateral and effectively stole peoples nodes ( did not know devs this unethical and scammy existed in this space ) and and encouraged them to get even more coins after they lost much of their investment. The devs have a crazy staking wallet and stake and dump like crazy all the time after they sucked naive noobs like me dry. I knew there was a risk that price may fall but stealing of my node so I not even generate coins with it wow.

    If the creators of this board and the site are related I really think its unethical to pump this shit and scamcoins like that. Thankfully my very first node was a POLIS node (more luck then actual knowlege, based on listings on at the time) and so far its the only node that I got into that was more then 2000$. Its was 6000$ when I got in and I am really happy with it so far, especially because its is currently back at 6700$. I will stop trying to find something great on and use this spreadsheet instead. Monthly RIO is rally what is needed not this stupid yearly values that will never every even be close to the truth. Polis got 600% when i got the node, now its 200% its fine because at the time of writing the node itself raised in price so I am happy but I did not know all this when I got into the masternode game. I wish I had this sheet early on. I think and sites like that just abuse the fees they take to list coins and then they help push crap and scamcoins without any real analysis and confusing numbers. I really consider this unethical, even if they list a warning about "no financial advice bla". Why not make the site more like the spreadsheet? Its so much more valuable.

    Damn I with I would get a BITG node early on I think it was like 5000$ or even less not so long ago. I rally was scared after I lost money on some shitcoins so I did not get a node. Same for SPD and PURE. I had a eye on those but was not confident enough to go it. Not it feels like bad. I will maybe really pick something from the top that seems save. Well but the big question is. This is just one dudes list. Should I even trust it? Maybe I am a bit to quick to call this awesome?

    So this seems to be a very technical analysis based on where to make most money. What I like to see is what coins are actually innovative and move crypto forward. Or what coins create something in the real world that is going to be used. For example SPD creates a freelanced platform. PURE creates a DEX. But some coins seem to only have a purpose to make the creators rich without much value. So many coins are just DASH/PIVX clone without any significant improvements. So many meaningless coins annoy me.

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    @red23 lists accurate stats and provides monitoring for masternodes. charges coins in BTC because it is a deterrent to exit scams.   MNO didn't buy or sell either BOXY or ZACA.

    I think you're greedy going after crazy-high unproven ROI coins with low liquidity, too lazy to research coins and choose to blame MNO instead of doing research on projects you invest in.  I'm also unsure of your reading comprehension as we say much more than "no financial advice bla" to quote you - MEANWHILE - if you read further...

    BetweenBlocks was my idea as I wanted to create a place where people could discuss and learn better investment strategies.  Perhaps you should attempt to do more reading than writing since you've said your best MN investment was based upon "luck" and it appears you haven't learned much from YOUR mistakes and you dumped your ignorance and slanderous, unfounded accusations on BetweenBlocks....


  • @cryptosandwich said:

    @red23 lists accurate stats and provides

     Yeah like listing yearly RIO is "accurate". You do not need to BS anyone here. We all know this stats is meaningless at best, it never gonna be the truth. Its confusing and misleading that is what it is! You have to read it as. This would happen if

    1. Price stays the same. For most new not so established coins the price actually generally goes down.

    2. Nobody will buy any node and the next nodes will just be your, and even your nodes will bring the RIO down so. In almost all cases the RIO will go down very very fast. The site does not list any dates when the payment may reduce, in many cases half .... nothing just this utterly stupid yearly RIO stat that is doing way more harm then good! But I get it your are being so nice to everyone for listing your "accurate" stats.

    ROI changes often and it not the most important factor. Please consider Dev Team - Community - PURPOSE/Platform - Liquidity - Wallet when making masternode purchases.

    And I actually did notice that every early on. So yes you are fully aware of this and yet you still list it. Why do you list it then, you know perfectly well this stats is total crap and you list in in BOLD but hey its all cool because you tell people afterwards its kind of meaningless!

    @cryptosandwich said:

    I think you're greedy going after crazy-high unproven ROI coins with low liquidity, too lazy to research coins and choose to blame MNO instead of doing research on projects you invest in.  ... Perhaps you should attempt to do more reading than writing since you've said your best MN investment was based upon "luck" and it appears you haven't learned much from YOUR mistakes and you dumped your ignorance and slanderous, unfounded accusations on BetweenBlocks....

    I think YOU are going greedy from accepting listing money from every fucking scam and shitcoin out there to get rich fast! I actually did mean partly based on luck because I actually got into masternodes a little but naive but I looked for something that has a real world porpose and some reputation. But it also had to do with what was listed on top on at the time. They at least have the stats seperated and have this "simple stats" page when they seem to only list coins that are online for a while where they track more thinks, not exactly sure how exactly.

    Considering the fact that you list REAL CRAZY RIO coins with list 10000%++ I would not consider the BOXY and ZACA that crazy. I tried to find some middle ground. BOXY was supposed to do something with shipping and that sounded like something in the real world that may have potential. I did know there are a risk of a coins price falling but I expected me to be able to make that RIO back with patience because I invested into a node wiht high ROI. I did NOT know that devs simply abbandon coins and force you into other coins. After the swap its looks like XAX need to raise a bit over 200$ a node and I am actaully back to 0 at least so that case was not really that bad. But I did NOT just clicked onto this coin based on stats alone out of nowhere.

    Same for ZACA. Where I did not expect the devs to be scammers and actually literally steal peoples node and say "hey get 6.5 times more coins to run a node or fuck off" after we already lost most investment. Supposedly to raise the coins price. Did not happen obliviously, the opposite it falls and falls. All while running their crazy staking wallet where they hold like 75% of the coins and flood the market with cheap coins. I did not expect this area of crypto that corrupt and abusive and sucking noobs dry like that.

    I did not know that the rules in masternodes are pretty much everything goes. And I think you are willful participants by actually promoting and pushing every unproved shitcoin out there with this crazy stats. Its easy for you to say "you should have done research". Yeah you are right, I should have done more, and its actually not that bad because I got a little lucky with my very first POLIS node but I still have the same opinion of sites like that. Especially now when I saw that spreadsheet. Again this sheet should be turned into a nice site that actually educated people and give them nice meaningful stats and not lure them into crapcoins.

    I am actually looking into investing into some very high profile alts that do not not even have masternodes. No need to run nodes and that might still be a way better and saver investment

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    MNO's stats are accurate.  

    MNO doesn't prioritize coins by ROI in any way.  Unlike the other platform you referenced and all others, MNO's coin list is based on % change in trading price over 24 hours.  Pretty much nullifies your non-exisant argument right there.  

    We're transparent about about our listing policies.  Why is it MNO's job to "police" all masternode coins???  Who are we to do this???  Who are you to do this?  It's each investors responsibility to take responsibility for their own actions/greed etc.  We don't have time to fully research every coin that wants to list, some of them will be scams, some of them will be top 100 coins - We don't know how they will turn up and it's not our responsibility!

  • Saying that RIO is not a important factor is total understatement. High ROI is actually a BAD sign, this is how I see it now. Why even list it as YEARLY at all? Why do it in bold font like its the most important factor and then later say its its not. When noobs who have no clue look at your site they will never end up making a good decision. I am not saying you should full time police coins. You could introduce some policies that coins will only be listed when they are active for more then 60 days or something and then show some actual meaningful stats like how much the prices have fallen since ANN and stuff. But no you just this this utterly retarded yearly RIO state and bold it and let every scammer just pay you a high fee to get listed.

    I stand by my opinion that you are doing heavy damage with that site. I actually am NOT the typical noob. I am generally extremely good with money decisions. I have been around in discords and ANN threads and I know this is a fishing ground for coin creators to catch as many stupid noobs as they can. There are bots and totally stupid noobs in ANN threads praising shitcoins every day. Everyone links to your site to look up stats. Devs are promoting their coins with your site ... you are willing participants, you are enablers, you PROFIT from this!

    Just judging my the horrible english skills and linux knowlege the average masternode investor has I know exactly what is going on here. I have been on many discords, got banned from many coins for pointing out facts. Coin creators do not want the truth about their coins out, they do not want this spreadsheet out, they want your nice bold high RIO percentages. You are helping them and I think its wrong. And deep down you know its wrong.

    Look at what he listed on the very top, coins like bulwark. A coin that only has 140% RIO. When people go by masternodes online they will if they have at least some clue maybe go with something that has a high markecap, active devs and all that things you listed. But they will also look at RIO and give it a probably way to high priority because it suggests that its still a very important factor. And by looking at all the coins there you think that 140% is actually very low and are way more likely to look for something higher. I bet I was not the only one thinking this way, you may call it greed, I call it "finding the middle ground". And if I just take this spreadsheet as good calculation is not at all the important part of a coin to have such high RIO numbers, suggests the exact opposite.

    And no! listing a meaningless stat that literally often changes within hours is not "accurate". You could actually mathematically calculate how fast it goes down over a couple of days and all kinds of things ... but no just this bold crazy RIO values. You could require devs to fill in forms when a block is reached and display when rewards will go down ... all kinds of things.

    At least you are promoting this forum on the site where people can actually talk about what is really good to invest in and find gems like this - its two different worlds for me really. I was actually very surprised when I found its related with same guys behind it or whatever.

  • @adi0149 

    I have a idea/feature-requests/question. You list the stake and nodes JAR list as reference but you also list MRJA on the very top coins. Are you aware of that? Could you mark coins that are on the JAR list? Its just MJRA I just saw but I guess there are probably more.

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    @red23 what do you mean MNO lists MRJA as a very top coin? MNO does not rate coins. It just display stats. 

    Giving feedback is good, that's how we will build this space. But you have to do it in a constructive way if you want your point to come accross. I actually think you have some good ideas like when you propose listing policies. It could make sense to have some listing policies that will filter out scams a bit. MNO actually does that already by accepting only BTC as listing fee. It is a first filter, and I think having more policies like this could actually be a good idea. If they are not too hard to implement, Im sure MNO will consider good ideas.

    But you can't expect a website to filter all the MN coins out there. They can't do your job for you. It is a free service for you. If you want someone to filter scams from good project for you, or if you want people to do your research and tell you which stat is more important than other, join a paid service. It does not exist for free. It is an enormous amount of work, and no one will do it for free.  

    You do not except coinmarketcap to tell you which coin is a scam over another dont you?

    You should know that some people actually make money with the high ROI coins. They hunt for them and switch asap once they realise their Expected Value. It is a thin line to walk on, but some people do. It is not because you failed at it that no one can do it. Also, it is not true that all high ROIs are scams and doomed to fail. There is still some projects that are very worth it (very few). Anyway, it still comes to the main point of DYOR. I dont know how many times I've seen @Cryptosandwich tell people to do their own research, here and on MNO telegram. All MNO admins also keep telling people to do actual research. 

    I personnally think MNO has been doing more than what is recquired of them. They could simply list all coins that ever come to them and not put any disclaimer, not engage on these boards and simply display stats. The fact that they try to educate people on top of that is an extra that should not be expected of them.

    (I am not affiliated to MNO in any way, except from being @Cryptosandwich 's friend and a very early user of MNO)

  • @kelnel said:

    You do not except coinmarketcap to tell you which coin is a scam over another dont you?

     No I do not and I never said MNO should tell me what coins are scam. You read what I wrote, I did made suggestions. I can make a large list of things I found out the hard way and the guy(s) behind the site know them already without telling the people anything about it! And could actually do more then, I say it again: List that stupid yearly ROI% in bold and colored and put a 2 sentence disclaimer about research in. Even for the pretty established and stable POLIS node the RIO went down from 600% to 200% in like 1 or two months. So a "current or weekly RIO" and "RIO prediction"  based on how the price has fallen and how many nodes go up in a certain period of time ... would actually make sense. Its not only that this value makes no sense for coins that just started out, this value makes no sense whatsoever in general. This value is only good for the creators of coins to lure people in. It may make sense for the really big coins like DASH and PIVX where the value is super low anyway and there will probably not any real big changes to you can actually king of use that yearly RIO as a indicator to what will happen the next year. But for those coins its more the value of the coins themselves the is not really easy to predict and total other story. There is some indication of falling prices if you look at the price history but ... i do not think it really gives a good picture of masternodes to investors. To me its a advertising site for coins and not that valuable to investors as I originally thought its a nice list but you have to really learn a lot that is not obvious at first. Thats why I am happy I found this spreadsheet, much better.

     @kelnel said:

    @red23 what do you mean MNO lists MRJA as a very top coin? MNO does not rate coins. It just display stats. 

     I did start my post with @adi0149 did I? Sorry if its not obvious to you what I mean.

  • @adi0149 Just found out that shows a totally wrong stats for ALQO the coin you currently list as rank #1 they show 1034.397 XLQ monthly income while their explorer shows only

    540.72 XLQ

    Yet another point against this site, this is not the first time it list wrong stats. And while I am at it the ALQO masternode hosting service is just a ridiculous money grab. Totally overprices VPS with only 512MB ram. Not sure about this being the top coin on your list, you are basing it off the almost double RIO other then that I have to do more research about this coin.

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    @red23  MNO's numbers are correct on ALQO.

    75 is the mn reward 

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