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    Yeah, that is what I did, my own research and it pissed me of to see PURE on that position. Anyway, one of my golden rules about investment on mn is that if the team of a crypto is not public and I can not research about every individual, I'm not investing on it and I'm discarding. By now my rule worked pretty well and I have 0 scam coins/0 problematic mn.

  • @eiko said:

    Why do you say that they stole peoples nodes and doubled their collateral?
    Is this a governance issue that they can unilaterally change things?

     Why do I said this? Well because the dev (not they) robbed investors to generate rewards with their nodes because node with 2500 coins will no longer work and you need 5000 coins now. When people invest in coins they know there are risks but I think they should at least should be sure they will be able to keep node running and at least make loses of coin price back with patience when the node price drops. Just taking this ability away from people (thankfully very rare for what I know) to me is really stealing. I do not think there is something like a "governance model" in PURE its seems it just one guy doing what he wants, and THAT is a red flag on its own.

    And yes the extreme risk in this coins is the devs can essentially do whatever they want to a coin and you give them your power. BOXY coin was pumped up and then abandoned and then the devs forced investors into a total different coin named Artax.

    Red flags for me are when the are on the JAR list, the sheet give them a lower rating now when they are. Other then that to me it has to be a feeling that there is really something meaningful going on.

    PURE dropped to yellow currently BTW. Because if the dump in the last days I think. So currently it does not even rank good by the measurements of this great sheet.

  • Thanks for your work @adi0149. I'd love to hear short explanation on why you chose these metrics and math behind the weights of each metric when you have time to elaborate.

  • @cryptosandwich said: charges coins in BTC because it is a deterrent to exit scams.


    Come on, that's a bit rich. MNO happily lists coins that are exit scams as they have a ROI of 2000+%. MNO owners want to get rich off newbies' greed. 

    Taking listing fees creates a conflict of interest - and in that regard, MNO is worse than other masternode listing sites.

  • Hi Guys, first of all I want to thank the person that put together the incredible Google Spreadsheet on Masternodes, this helps immensely. I've been investing in MN's for a while now and like most, I have been learning the "ins and outs" of wallets on a trial and error basis.

    Currently I'm looking at investing in either ALQO or Apollon, both seem to be attractive projects. Apollon particularly has big ambitions, what does "Absolute ratings of analyzed projects" mean?

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    1.  Any brand new coin will have a 2000% ROI because the stakes are shared with very few masternodes.   

    2.  Taking listing fees pays for the 3 full time people involved in MNO which requires the 24/7 running of each wallet to provide a monitoring and stats.  

    3.  Accepting BTC vs the new coin absolutely is a deterrent to exit scams as it cuts into to pocket of the devs that would leave....

  • Another stat I would like to see added to the analysis, is whether the masternode coin uses the monthly budget & governance system, I see this as the key feature of masternode coins,
    Another stat should be how much of a premine there was done by the coin

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    I like @togo 's suggestions and agree with him. If you have a not too complicated way of adding them, these would be great stats to add.

  • Seems useful, thank's for letting us know ☺

  • @adi0149 149 Thanks for your fabulous spreadsheet.  I have been watching the top tier (dark green & light green) masternode projects.   Some of these stay in the green others move from dark green to dark red within a day's time.  I'm stunned to see this fall from grace so rapidly.  I'm wondering how this happens and what it means.  I'm looking at Cardbuyers.  By the time I purchased the nec. coins for a MN it now shows up in the red on this spreadsheet.  I'm wondering how valuable is it if these coins one day have a high rating and the next day have a low rating.  Is using the spreadsheet better than picking a coin at random?  

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