An Introduction to CryptoSports (CSPN): A Blockchain for eSports and the crypto world

  • At this time things will be discussed not from the field of film, music, politics or anything else. This time coming from the world of E-Sport, E-sport which used to be underestimated by many people has now become increasingly calculated. Plus the technology sector is growing rapidly and almost all people in the world are already affordable with the name of technology.

    The E-Sport world is considered promising because big competitions are increasingly being held. Prizes given are also not playing for a big event. Not to mention if a team is considered to have a name in the ranks of the professional team, the cooperation offer from several brands will also add to the income of a pro player.With the development of technology, the creation of the world of cryptocurrency with E-sport,namely CryptoSports.

    What is CryptoSports ?

    CryptoSports is a project that builds bridges between the world of E-Sports and the world of Cryptocurrency, which offers gamers and developers an innovative way to connect and provides opportunities for every gamer to make money by making what they like. CryptoSports Currency or “CSPN” develops the project based on Proof of stake and masternode with it, the cryptosports coin owners will use coins for blockchain security and earn income from staking and masternode.

    CryptoSports has the main goal of maximizing development in blockchain technology along with other integration for gamers and developers. by offering a new and comfortable environment and providing full support. with CryptoSports, Fans and clans can connect with gamers and have a level of fan base. besides that gamers can also win prizes in CSPN by playing against fellow gamers and participating in tournaments or participating in esports betting. CSPN also serves as a way for gamers to buy hardware and software by exchanging it in the CryptoSports E-Store.

    CryptoSports has many Features

    with the advantage of CryptoSports in the E-sports world and the world of cryptocurrency, crpytosports has several interesting features including: 

    1. Communication  Users can communicate with each other by using the provided chat and blogging functionality.

    2. Live Streaming  Gamers can make live streaming and the viewer can support outstanding gamers by sending CSPN and helping streamers climb the scoreboard in cryptosports.

    3. Matches Gamers / clans can search & find matches to play against other gamers / clans for CSPN. Both sides agreed on a specific CSPN amount and the winner gets it all. Crypto Sports provides solutions for clarification in case of disputes like uploading demos and screenshots. The prize pots that will be closed until both sides agree on the result / dispute is resolved.

    4. Masternode service The CSPN platform provides a fully web based easy masternode setup functionality giving the possibility to fully manage masternode rewards. This way clans can easily setup automatic reward sharing with their clan members.

    5. Shared masternode service The CSPN platform provides a shared masternode service for investors that don‘t have enough coins to run a CSPN masternode on their own.

    6. Tournaments Gamers/clans can participate in tournaments to win prizes in CSPN. Official tournament matches are being supervised by CSPN staff members.

    7. Matches Gamers/clans can search & find matches to play against other gamers/clans for CSPN. Both sides agree on a specific CSPN amount to put into the prize pot and the winner gets it all. Crypto Sports provides solutions for clarification in the case of disputes like uploading demos and screenshots. The prize pot would be locked until both sides agree on the result / the dispute is resolved.

    8. Crowdfunding Verified game developers can use the Crypto Sports crowd funding functionality to raise funds for their projects in CSPN and let funders take part in its development.

    9. E-Store In the Crypto Sports eStore users are able to buy gaming hardware & equipment, software in form of digital download codes & license keys as well as merchandise with CSPN.

    10. News blog The Crypto Sports news blog keeps users up to date about whats actually happening in the eSports world.

    11. Contests Users can participate in different contests to win prizes in CSPN. Tasks can vary from designing a new header image up to winning the most 1on1 matches in a certain period of time.

    12. E-Sports bets & lottery Users can take part in eSports bets and the official Crypto Sports lottery to gamble for CSPN. This functionality might be restricted to certain locations for legal reasons.

    Crypto Sporst Specification

    CSPN stands for CryptoSports Network and is also the core of the eponymous platform. Besides Proof-of-Stake (PoS), CSPN also provides Masternode (MN) functionality which is fully integrated into the Crypto Sports ecosystem and allows instant and secure private peer to peer transactions within the Crypto Sports Network.

    CSPN Profit Staking and Masternode

    Where to Buy CryptoSports ?

    Crypto Sports are available for purchase on popular alt crypto exchanges  

    Crex24 :  CryptoBridge : https://wallet.crypto-bridge.o...  Graviex :  Altmarkets :

    and you can check and monitoring the price of CSPN in:  Coingecko :  Coinlib :  CoinPaprika :  CoinCodex :

    For more information on CryptoSports including real-time price, market cap, interactive charts, technical information ,team and social media links, you can check :  Litepaper: