✅[ANN][BITSBEE] - SuperNode Powered Secure Network - MONEYBACK GUARANTEE

  • Decentralized Lending & Funding Platform
    Introducing SuperNode Investment Guarantee Network
    Now don't fear for indefinite investment in masternodes market with Supernode Guarantee network


    BIBE SuperNode

    SuperNode structure is something more than just a masternode.It's a stable earning node. SuperNode holders get a guarantee over invested amount on
    Need of SuperNode structure came when the crypto market is getting indefinite day byday. Masternode profit come from selling rewards to exchanges but SuperNode holders get extra benefit of 10% Interest directly in BTC,LTC or ETH on amount invested on purchasing SuperNode along with the benefit of what masternodes get.

    • 10% of the invested amount per month (120% p.a.)
    • Interest Payments are made every 16th Day from the day of allotment of SuperNode.
    • A variable component paid out annually
     (60% of the pretax prots of BitsBeeTech)

    BitsBee’s Business Model
    In BitsBee’s model of operation, the revenue is collected by charging a origination fee to borrowers and a repayment fees to investors.
    BitsBee’s lending model uses fluctuating crypto-assets as collateral for a loan provided in fiat currency or stable coin.
    The rundown of the benefits of this model versus custom banking.
    • Loans gets confirmed within seconds.
    • Credit scoring or verification of assets is not required at all..
    • The customer regulates the loan conditions on their own within the confines of the platform’s terms.
    • An option to deposit the collateral in several cryptocurrency assets in order to stabilize the general fluctuation
     of the collateral and lower any upward pressure on interest rates.
    • Operation transparency during both transfer and retention of the security deposit.
    • Transparency of collateral evaluation and the fluctuation of its value over time for both parties.

    BIBE Affiliate Marketing Mode
    BIBE affiliate model is uniquely organised to make max out of the commission. Every person who refer 1 person for SuperNode purchase will get 0.05 BTC as referral commision.
    Again for the 2nd person referred you will get another 0.05 BTC commission, and now for making a pair of referee you get an extra 0.1 BTC commission.
    So concluding the commission structure , after referring 3 persons who bought SuperNodes, you will get in total 0.2 BTC as your referral commission.

    Super Commission : You will get 10% direct recurring commission from your referee’s SuperNode interest , i.e. you will get 0.005 BTC from your each referred person every month till he runs his SuperNodes.
    So invite maximum real persons to Bitsbee’s discord channel and from your invites
    if anyone purchase SuperNode, commission will be credited in your account

    BIBE Features
    ⭐Encrypted Messaging
    ⭐Instant & Anonymous Transactions
    ⭐Resistance to 51% Attacks
    ⭐SuperNode + Masternode Network
    ⭐VRX v3.0 Difficulty Re-targeting Algorithm
    ⭐Lightweight Blockchain

    BIBE Specifications

    ⭐Symbol :  BIBE
    ⭐MAX Supply :  1,50,00,000 BIBE
    ⭐Block Size : 4MB
    ⭐Block Time : 60s
    ⭐Block Reward : 0.5-35 BIBE
    ⭐PoS Reward : Dynamic
    ⭐Stake Time : 3 hours
    ⭐Masternode Collateral : 1500 BIBE
    ⭐Masternode Reward : Dynamic
    ⭐RPC Port : 27028
    ⭐Masternode Port : 27027
    ⭐Bitsbee wallet address start with : B
    ⭐Confirmations required to spend: 6

    After Masternode collateral increase to 5000 BIBE for 1 masternode.
    Every SuperNode holder will get the difference amount of 3500 BIBE free of cost to maintain their SuperNodes.

    BIBE Wallets
    ⭐BIBE Windows Wallet : https://github.com/bitsbeetech/bitsbee/releases/
    ⭐BIBE Linux Wallet (daemon) : https://github.com/bitsbeetech/bitsbee/releases/download/v1.0/bitsbee-linux-x64.tar.gz
    ⭐BIBE Linux QT Wallet : Coming Soon
    ⭐BIBE MAC Wallet : Coming Soon

    BIBE Official Links
    ⭐BIBE Github : https://github.com/bitsbeetech/bitsbee.git
    ⭐BIBE Website : https://www.bitsbeetech.com
    ⭐BIBE Blockchain Explorer : http://blockchain.bitsbeetech.com/
    ⭐BIBE Whitepaper : https://www.bitsbeetech.com/whitepaper/whitepaper.pdf

    BIBE Social Media Links
    ⭐Discord : https://discord.gg/WzeuWuG
    ⭐Telegram : https://t.me/bitsbee
    ⭐Twitter : https://twitter.com/bitsbee1
    ⭐Medium : https://medium.com/@Bitsbee1

    BIBE Block Reward & Masternode Collateral Information
    Blocks            |        Reward    | MN% | MN Reward | POS% | POS Reward | MN Collateral
    0-20000                  0.5 BIBE        90%        0.45 BIBE     10%      0.05 BIBE        1500 BIBE
    20000-50000             5 BIBE         80%            4 BIBE      20%          1 BIBE        1500 BIBE
    50000-100000          10 BIBE        85%          8.5 BIBE     15%        1.5 BIBE        1500 BIBE
    100000-150000        15 BIBE        80%           12 BIBE      20%          3 BIBE        5000 BIBE
    150000-200000        20 BIBE        80%           16 BIBE      20%          4 BIBE        5000 BIBE
    200000-250000        25 BIBE        80%           20 BIBE      20%          5 BIBE        5000 BIBE
    250000-300000        30 BIBE        80%           24 BIBE      20%          6 BIBE        5000 BIBE
    300000-350000        35 BIBE        80%           28 BIBE      20%          7 BIBE        5000 BIBE
     350000 ++             10 BIBE        80%             8 BIBE      20%          2 BIBE        5000 BIBE


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  • BitsBee has been listed on CryptoHashTank POS/MN Service

    - Low minimum deposit
    - Daily Payouts 
    - Auto-Reinvestment available
    - 4% Commission
    - Secure Logins
    - 24 hr active admins

  • Listed On iHostMN

    ⭐ Bitsbee is now listed on iHostMN network.


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