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  • The 99Masternodes Project From the team of ROIyal Coin This project is dedicated to marketing and promotion with regard to masternode coins. Our goal is to provide high quality services, help promising coins that lack promotion and by raising the quality standards - reduce the amount of garbage-style marketing in the altcoin world. Most of the services that we offer (99Promo, 99News and 99Informer) are available since the launch of our project, which distinguishes it from the mass of new cryptocurrencies that have only promises at the start. Moreover, the 99M platform features the practical use of our coin as a means of payment for our services.



    Presale Phases and Structure: Total Masternodes in Pre-sale: 50  50,000 NMN  ~ 24% from premine MN collateral: 1 000 NMN Pre-sale start: 11/04/2019 / 16-00 UTC [Phase 1] [5 NMN Masternodes at 0.85 BTC each] [Phase 2] [10 NMN Masternodes at 0.90 BTC each] [Phase 3 15 NMN Masternodes at 0.95 BTC each [Phase 4 20 NMN Masternodes at 1 BTC each Buy NMN Masternode Here - https://buy.99masternodes.com/


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