Kadena AMA Series: A discussion on ''Formal Verification'' with co-founder of Certik, Ronghui Gu

  • Stuart Popejoy, President & Founder over at Kadena, and Ronghui Gu, the Co-founder Certik

    Will be hosting a Town Hall AMA on Discord on May 7th at 3pm ET / 12pm PT. The discussion will circle around the topic of ‘’Formal Verification’’ and its application and use within the Blockchain space.

    You can already sign up for the event by visiting THIS LINK

    You can drop any questions you have about Formal Verification in their Discord: https://discord.io/kadena

    Formal Verification

    Formal verification is the overarching term used to describe a collection of techniques based on mathematics focused on reducing the instances of bugs and vulnerabilities of smart contracts. Perhaps this video will run you through:

    In the context of technology, formal verification is the act of proving or disproving the correctness of intended algorithms.

    Those participating in the event will have the opportunity to hear the CEO of Kadena & Certik have in depth discussion on Proof Verification, while open to suggestions. In blockchain networks, the diversity in smart contract vulnerabilities and exploits have led to a need for improved smart contract programming and auditing. So this is one you can’t miss out on!

    A Quick Overview of Kadena

    Kadena is a blockchain startup that brings together both the Private & Public sector through scalable Blockchain. The project introduces a new consensus mechanism called ‘’Chainweb’’ and a private blockchain platform, scalableBFT.

    Kadena is a public proof-of-work blockchain, designed in an effort to meet Enterprise Blockchain expectations. Spearheaded by two ex JP Morgan employees, Will Martino and Stuart Popejoy.

    You’re invited to join in on the discussion, along with blockchain developers and enthusiasts out there.

    Catch the AMA live on 7th May, 2019 via the official Kadena Discord Group How?

    1. RSVP on EventBrite: http://bit.ly/FVkadenaAMA
    2. Join the Discord AMA: http://discord.io/kadena
    3. Ask Questions Inside the #ask-kadena channel
    4. Prefer Twitter? Tweet with the tag #FormalVerficationAMA.

    Kadena’s team gather all the best questions and pass them to our hosts during the AMA. See you there!