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  • Quickx Token - distribution via cryptoadvice

    Hello guys, a few short words about QuickX
    Then there is the information about the new distribution of QuickX


    Start of the company QuickX 3.Quartal 2016
    Start sales in Germany in March 2019

    The technology behind it

    QuickX is a novel protocol that maps transactions from Cryptos instant and dramatically reduces transaction fees. The "money" is right there and for 1 cent fee.

    Quite simply, "QuickX Protocol" works something like this:

    Transactions of cryptocurrencies are processed outside the blockchain. This allows them to be executed instantaneously without having to wait for acknowledgments in the blockchain.
    The interesting thing is that crosspayments can be handled. So B wants A to have $ 500 in Bitcoin, but A only has Litecoin. So A sends Litecoin and B receives Bitcoin.
    The transactions are thus also very cheap, so the transaction fees of 1 cent can be achieved.
    For the settlement, among other things, the QuickX token will play its role.


    Gadgets already on the market

    1) World's smallest and safest hardware wallet in credit card format. Just stick to the back of the smartphone and you can have the hardware wallet.
    2) Own credit card with high limits (Mastercard / Debitcard) $ 5000 daily limit

    Gadgets planned for Christmas 2019

    1) Smartwatch - Burn calories and mine coins. Actions with Airdrops are planned. More details soon. In my opinion cool lifestyle product for fans.
    2) Smartphone - So far not much to learn. I think it combines the offers and simplifies paying even more with Cryptos. Used in presentations as a blockchain cell phone.


    Coin Info - QuickX Coin (QCX)

    Decimals: 8
    Symbol: QCX
    Type: Utility
    Blockchain: Ethereum ERC-20
    For crowdfunding 250,000,000 tokens were available
    For private sale 50,000,000
    So that according to information on the company side 300 million tokens in the market are.[/center]

    The coin - more token - is traded exclusively on


    The ICO is already finished. The initial investors bought the coin for 0.7 cents. The holding period has already expired for many, so currently tokens are heavily traded. Daily trading volume currently on Bitmax about 9 million tokens.

    The company behind it

    The company comes from India. The company owner in India should be something like Richard Branson in the western world. Means he is much loaded in TV programs as a conversation partner.

    The company behind QUICKX is "SECUGENIUS

    Secugenius is an innovative information security service provider. The goal is to use the company's experience to build security companies that enable IT to grow without risk. Secugenius develops information security solutions and advises companies on how to prevent and prevent threats to cyberattacks in the infrastructure and technology stack.

    Customers are predominantly B2B, such as government agencies, banks, telecommunications companies, software companies, manufacturing and trading companies, e-commerce companies, etc. Secugenius consultants have the required industry certifications. But more importantly, they have a lot of experience and good training for the relevant technologies and work fields.

    Awards and successes of the company Secugenius:
    • Honored by India's Vice President of Innovation
    • 2015: Listed among the top 5 cyber security companies
    • 2016: Listed among the top 5 cyber forensics companies
    • 2017: Listed among the 10 most trusted cyber security companies
    • 2017: Listed among the 25 fastest growing tech companies

    Coin staking with 4% or more

    As mentioned above, the coin can be traded on Bitmax.io against BTC. Purchased QCX tokens can be deposited with Cryptoadvise for one year. For this you get 4% credit per month in tokens (depending on the amount of Stakings up to 10%). Function can be thought of as a deposit account, if the comparison is allowed. In purely mathematical terms, 48% a year.

    The 4% or more are monthly. The credits of all bonuses are made daily. Once a week can be paid.

    100 to 999 dollars Stacking - 4%
    1000 - 2499 dollars Stacking - 5%
    2500 - 4999 dollars Stacking - 6%
    5000 - 9,999 dollars Stacking - 7%
    10,000 - 24,999 dollars Stacking 8%
    from $ 25,000 Stacking 10%

    Register Here

    If someone needs instructions how to proceed from the Bitcoin purchase to the deposit and registration with Cryptoadvice then please come to my Discord group.
    I will try to provide all the information that I know to future partners and customers.

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