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  • The PrimeStone Project has been established to develop and popularise the use of blockchain among various businesses as well as single users. We aim to develop an innovation-friendly ecosystem that will constitute the bridge between modern technologies and the real world. Cryptocurrencies can revolutionize payments, blockchain technology can massively simplify various economic sectors. The only thing we need here is an appropriate tool. And that’s what we would like to provide. 

    So far, PrimeStone has released its own cryptocurrency, called the PrimeStone Coin. The first version of PSC was put on the market in June 2018. At the beginning of 2019 PSC underwent SWAP which introduced a few significant changes. To ensure stable network performance, the our blockchain has applied the Proof-of-Stake consensus. In fact, we were encouraged to make this amendment by a few factors, such as greater efficiency of PoS coins, its higher resistance against any kinds attacks as well as the growing popularity of this consensus which is dictated by a significant technological advantage over Proof of Work. However, PSC remains a MasterNode coin, so users are given the chance to benefit from both functions. We have created and, of course, published a reward plan presenting clear rewards division between stakers and MasterNode holders.

    Our primary challenge, therefore, is to continue what we have been doing. As the team, we have a duty to continue moving forward, building on what we have achieved and still remain in the game for a successful implementation of the PrimeStone Ecosystem. In order to increase the complexity of our solutions and the comfort resulting from their utilization, we have moved to the second phase. This stage covers the New Coin Platform development. It will be an intuitive and user-friendly tool enabling new cryptocurrencies creation. Unlike other solutions available on the market, this platform is a new opportunity for those who have great business ideas, but their further development is hindered by the lack of programming skills or, at least, a basic IT knowledge. Furthermore, all newly created digital currencies will be freely modified, depending on customers’ expectations.

    For the team, safety is the top priority of all the elements belonging to the PrimeStone Ecosystem. That is why, we aim to create an ICO Platform which is efficient, safe and user-friendly, while allowing  simple as well as convenient operation. So far, already existing platforms have been defending the interests of entrepreneurs while neglecting the other party of a transaction. PrimeStone focuses on every user and provides the solution that safeguards the interests of both transaction participating parties – entrepreneurs  and investors. To enhance users’ confidence and to secure investors against all kinds of scams and financial frauds, funds collected during any campaign will be paid to project owners at regular intervals. The second and any further instalments shall be released on the basis of a satisfactory – and documented –completion of the work scheduled for a given period of time. If a team does not prove that they concluded work on a particular phase, no money will be paid to them. Similarly, when a project team gives up working or fails to fulfil undertaken commitments – the remaining funds are returned to investors. Furthermore, there will be an additional solution allowing investors to secure funds invested in a particular project – insurances. Investors who have insurances will recover the entire money allocated for financed investments, no matter how many instalments were already paid to a particular project.

    The next part of the PrimeStone Ecosystem is addressed to business. The platform will contribute to the development and popularisation of blockchain technology among various – small, medium or big – companies. This platform could be used by every economic entity that would like to implement blockchain-based solutions, and become more productive and competitive. It can be perceived as an opportunity to enhance efficiency and the quality of company’s services or products. At the same time, our users will still contribute to the growth of this technology, and – together with PrimeStone – popularise commercial use of blockchain.

    This ecosystem to be effective must be complete, that is why PrimeStone aims to introduce our own cryptocurrency exchange and the mobile crypto payment system. Kabberry (cryptocurrency exchange) will be a well-protected application that will comply with KYC/AML (Know Your Customer / Anti-Money Laundering) regulations. Kabberry is of great importance for the whole PrimeStone Ecosystem. Because the subsequent stage of the project implementation will require an independent tool allowing currency conversion. Kabberry will be correlated with the mobile system enabling crypto payments in the real world – for everyday expenses, in local shops – crypto payments will become an integral part of our everyday life. The new application will be dedicated to mobile devices with Android and iOS systems. During payment transactions, the currency conversion process will take place – the application will convert the value of any FIAT currency into cryptocurrency, while making use of three basic elements – mobile device, payment terminal and Kabberry.

    This product – like other PrimeStone elements – has been designed to simplify your life. To prove that blockchain holds the potential to transform money, business, government, and society ☺


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