[ANN] FarmCP - Web-based Rig Control Panel on your rig (Win,Linux, BAMT)

  • Hello guys,

    I want to share a little dashboard I've made for my farm. I am using BAMT 1.3 on my rigs, I wanted to at least be able to switch pools without sshing to each of my rigs.


    *Work for win in just click (not register)
    * only need to install on one of your rigs
    * works on any Linux-based system
    * open-source and free
    * pretty cool dashboard on which you can monitor all your rigs hashrate, temperature and rejected shares
    * ability to add a pool to all of your rigs at the same time, and switch pools on each rig
    * anyone can contribute new features (Ruby on Rails project)

    Download and installation instructions:

    Download for windows:  


    Donations welcome: 1NfCD5dEJv6MxwiAFF4S68t4r7QxkCSnPs (BTC)


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